Dear Mother,

Rune is a fellow thief. His story shares many similarities with Brand-Shei.

Like Brand-Shei, Rune is an orphan. Rune says his name was given by his father, a fisherman, who found him as a young boy in the wreckage of a ship that sank off of the coast near Solitude. All the fisherman found in the boy’s pocket was a tiny smooth stone inscribed with some sort of strange runes so he named the boy “Rune”.

Like Brand-Shei, Rune kept the name given by the man who adopted him. Rune says that he never changed it as it does not feel right to do so.

Rune believes that the stone he was found with might reveal a clue about his past. Rune spent every last coin he made with the Guild trying to find out what was written on the stone, but no one knows what the inscriptions mean, not even the mages at the College of Winterhold. Rune acknowledges that there is a possibility that the strange inscriptions on the stone might be just inane scribbles done by someone in idle boredom. He says, “But if not… if they actually mean something, they might tell me where I’m from… what ship was I on. Everything.”


Off to jail

Off to jail

Dear Mother,

The guard matches Brand-Shei off to prison, following behind Brand-Shei lest he should try to escape. Brand-Shei walks with his head held high and the air of someone who is innocent. Only three people know that it is true; Brynjolf, J’Zhirr and the unknown client. Now you too, mother.

Brynjolf promises that Brand-Shei will not be ill-treated while imprisoned. As J’Zhirr watches Brand-Shei enters the keep, he thinks that he may visit Brand-Shei while he is behind bars. If not to see an old acquaintance, then perhaps to check out the escape routes in case one day this one finds himself in the same predicament.

Brand-Shei in trouble

Brand Shei in trouble

Dear Mother,

Once Brynjolf sees that Madesi’s ring has been safely deposited in Brand-Shei’s pocket, he stops his sales pitch. The crowd disperses and Brand-Shei goes back to man his stall. J’Zhirr lingers nearby to see what will happen.

Almost immediately, a guard goes up to Brand-Shei and demands that he turns out his pockets. “What in blazes are you talking about?” Brand-Shei asks as he searches his pockets. He find the Madesi’s ring and holds it up. “What’s this ring? This isn’t mine!” he cries.

“That’s right. It isn’t yours,” the guard replies sarcastically and places Brand-Shei under arrest. Brand-Shei protests but the guard is not in the mood to listen. He says, “We can do this one of two ways. You can walk with me up to the keep, or I can drag your lifeless body. Your choice.” HIs words immediately shuts Brand-Shei up.

Part two of the plan

Listening hard

Dear Mother,

Brynjolf keeps everyone engross in his stories about the Falmerblood Elixir. To hear him tell it, the Falmerblood is the last thing you will ever need for any aliments you might face. Brynjolf is spinning the yarn as his life depends on it. Perhaps it does. J’Zhirr never got around to asking.

With everyone’s attention focused on Brynjolf, J’Zhirr is able to carry out part two of the plan easily. This one sneaks up to Brand-Shei and reverse pickpockets him. It is like pickpocketing someone but instead of taking something, one places something on the target.

Dunmer with an odd name


Dear Mother,

According to Brynjolf’s plan, J’Zhirr has to place Madesi’s ring into Brand-Shei’s pocket without him noticing. All Brynjolf is willing to say about the reason for framing Brand-Shei is that the client wants to teach Brand-Shei a lesson. So Brynjolf is going to make sure that Brand-Shei stays in prison for a few days. J’Zhirr does not like to frame people without knowing who they are so this one decides to check out the victim.

Brand-Shei owns a stall in the marketplace selling goods from Morrowind. He seems to be a cheery fellow. When J’Zhirr comments that he has an odd name for a Dunmer, Brand-Shei replies that he may be a dark elf by birth, but he was raised Argonian.

Brand-Shei explains that he is an orphan who was taken in by a kindly Argonian family in the Black Marsh. There is only one clue to his past. Brand-Shei says that when he was found, he was wrapped in a blanket bearing the symbol of House Telvanni, which was one of the great houses in Morrowind long ago. However, he remains uncertain about whether this means that he was one of them.

Brand-Shei hopes that one day he will find out about his past. He came to Skyrim in search of a matron from the House Telvanni who had escaped Morrowind during the Accession War. Records showed that she had boarded a sailing vessel named “The Pride of Tel Vos” but Brand-Shei is unable to find out what happened to the ship. Although he spent years searching, he ended up empty-handed.

J’Zhirr likes Brand-Shei and feels bad about having to frame him. But a job is a job and besides, Brand-Shei will not stay in prison for forever.