Last point of the triangle


Dear Mother,

Klimmek completes the love triangle. He is Fastred‘s old love. Although she is now infatuated with Bassianus Axius, Jofthor believes that Fastred’s infatuated is but a phase and will pass. Jofthor says, “Until a few months ago, the girl was head over heels for Klimmek. Wouldn’t stop talking about him.”

It is obvious that Klimmek is still in love with Fastred. This one had seen Klimmek looking longingly in Fastred’s direction as he passed by the fields. Why he does not tell Fastred so, J’Zhirr does not know.


Klimmek by the lumber mill

Klimmek by the lumber mill

Dear Mother.

J’Zhirr leaves High Hrothgar at daybreak to make his way down the mountain. This one finds the frost troll still waiting at the same spot. Yikes.

This time the frost troll is more determined and chases this one almost to the foot of the mountain before it gives up. This must be the fastest anyone climbed down the mountain.

Once J’Zhirr is no longer panting madly, he goes off to find Klimmek. Klimmek is grateful for the help and offers this one some gold.

The generous deliveryman


Dear Mother,

Klimmek delivers supplies to the High Hrothgar. He regularly brings preserved food items like dried fish and salted meats to the Greybeards. Although Klimmek has been up the mountain many times, he has never been paid for the deliveries. Klimmek does not seem bothered by the lack of payment.

He explains, “Well, it’s kind of an understanding between us. I mean, it just wouldn’t feel right to charge them for a bit of preserved food.” J’Zhirr does not understand what is wrong with collecting payment, after all one cannot live on air. But J’Zhirr knows better than to voice these thoughts out loud.

Lately, Klimmek has not been making any deliveries as his legs are not as strong as they used to be and climbing all the way up the mountain takes its toll. J’Zhirr offers to do it since this one is going that way. Klimmek is grateful for the offer and says to put the food in the offering chest at the top of the steps.