Fighting a giant

Fight the giant

Dear Mother,

Aela the Huntress’ promise to avenge Skjor’s death reminds J’Zhirr of how fierce and scary she can be.

Before J’Zhirr joined The Companions, he met Aela once at Pelagia Farm outside Whiterun. This one was crossing over the mountains north of Riverwood to deliver a message from Alvor to the Jarl of Whiterun, when this one suddenly heard the sound of a fight. Turning his head, J’Zhirr saw¬†three people¬†fighting a giant. Although this one rushed to lend them a hand, the three fighters were so strong that they defeated the giant before J’Zhirr reached them.

Giants are very strong so to be able to defeat one of them is no small feat.


Initiation into The Companions

Initiation into The Companions

Dear Mother,

After we return with the fragment of Wuuthrad, Skjor and Farkas leave to discuss about this one’s performance during the mission. A while later, Vilkas brings this one to Jorrvaskr’s courtyard for the initiation ceremony. In the presence of the other Circle members, Farkas vouches for this one. So J’Zhirr becomes a member of The Companions.

Deeper into Dustman’s Cairn

Farkas and the Silver Hand

Dear Mother,

Deeper into the cairn, we encounter a group of werewolf hunters who call themselves the Silver Hand. J’Zhirr is trapped in a room and he can only watch helplessly when the Silver Hand attack Farkas.

This is when J’Zhirr finds out Farkas’ secret. He transforms himself into a werewolf and kills all his attackers. Then he transforms back into a human and finds the switch to release this one. J’Zhirr asks and Farkas answers that not all Companions are werewolves, only those who are part of The Circle. He says it is a secret to everybody. Although judging by the appearance of the Silver Hand, J’Zhirr thinks the secret is rather poorly kept.

Interestingly, Farkas views it as a blessing more than a curse. J’Zhirr supposes this condition is helpful for someone who makes their living through fighting.

Dustman’s Cairn

Farkas and J'Zhirr at the entrance of Dustman Cairn

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr’s trial is to retrieve a fragment of Wuuthrad, the Blade of Ysgramor. Farkas will be this one’s Shield-brother for the trial. He will also judge to see if this one’s actions are honorable.

J’Zhirr likes Farkas but J’Zhirr much prefers to fight alone. Still, one supposes it can’t be helped.