Vampire attack

Isran and Celann fight vampires

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr returns to Fort Dawnguard. He is surprised to find Isran and Celann fighting some vampires. As Isran had kept the location secret, J’Zhirr wonders how the vampires managed to find the place. Isran and Celann kills them easily but J’Zhirr helps too.

Isran believes that the vampires manages to find Fort Dawnguard because they have been openly recruiting. He will have to step up their defenses. J’Zhirr did not bring good news either. Isran listens as this one tells him about Serana and the Elder Scroll.

When J’Zhirr ends his tale, Isran says, “So they have everything they wanted, and we’re left with nothing. By the Divines, this couldn’t get much worse. This is more than you can I can handle.”

He continues, “If they’re bold enough to attack us here, this may be bigger than I thought. I have good men here, but… There are people I’ve met and worked with over the years. We need their skills, their talents, if we’re going to survive this.”


Lord Harkon in his Vampire Lord transformation

Dear Mother,

When Lord Harkon sees Serana, he immediately asks about whether she is still in possession of the Elder Scroll. That is rather cold considering that he had not seen his daughter for a long time.

Apparently Serana feels the same way too. She replies, “After all these years, that’s the first thing you ask me? Yes, I have the scroll.”

Harkon tries to explain it away by saying, “Of course I’m delighted to see you, my daughter. Must I really say the words aloud?” It does not sound convincing at all to J’Zhirr’s ears.

Harkon then says, “Ah, if only your traitor mother were here, I would let her watch this reunion before putting her head on a spike.”

In gratitude for freeing Serana, Harkon offered his blood. He says, “Take it, and you will walk as a lion among sheep. Men will tremble at your approach, and you will never fear death again.” Harkon says he and his clan are among the oldest and most powerful vampires in Skyrim. To refuse will mean that J’Zhirr is banished from the castle. Harkon says, “I will spare your life this once, but after that, you are prey.”

J’Zhirr is in a dilemma. In accepting Harkon’s blood, it will cure J’Zhirr of lycanthropy. However it may be just swapping one evil for another.

Sensing that this one needs more convincing, Harkon transforms into a vampire lord to demonstrate the power he offers. Now J’Zhirr is convinced that he will stay a werewolf. A vampire is a ugly thing, like a hairless gray humanoid bat. This one prefers to be a furry werewolf.

Serana is home

Feasting vampires

Dear Mother,

A vampire confronts us when we step inside the castle.

“How dare you trespass here!” But he quickly changes his attitude when he sees Serana. He cries, “Wait… Serana? Is that truly you? I cannot believe my eyes!” He quickly enters the next room to announce Serana’s return to the feasting vampires.

“This is it. Home sweet… castle,” Serana muses.

When J’Zhirr wonders why Serana never mentioned that her home is a huge castle, she says, “I didn’t want you to think I was one of those… you know, the women who just sit in their castle all day? I don’t know. Coming from a place like this, well… it’s not really me. I hope you can believe that.”

J’Zhirr finds it oddly touching that Serana cares about what this one thinks of her.

Sleeping warrior

Dimhollow Cavern

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr sneaks around the room and finds that some of the seats are still occupied by their undead owners. J’Zhirr counts five skeletons and one Draugr Death Overlord. The skeletons will be easy to dispose of but the Draugr Death Overlord is the most powerful type of draugr in Skyrim. He will not be so easy to bring down. So J’Zhirr decides to deal with the skeletons first to even out the odds.

J’Zhirr furred feet makes no sound on the stone floor. The skeletons did not detect this one as he sneaks up to the sleeping occupants and brings them down with a single strike. However, even a sneak attack fails to stagger the Draugr Death Overlord. So J’Zhirr retreats to a dark corner to shoot arrows at it. Serana, who has been following secretly behind, joins in the fight. With her help, it is easier to defeat the Draugr Death Overlord.



Dear Mother,

The woman opens her eyes, revealing the telltale red eyes of a vampire.

She takes a look at J’Zhirr and says that he is not who she is expecting, by that meaning another vampire. J’Zhirr wonders if he should attack her and get in the first strike, but she is not hostile and seems somewhat friendly. Besides, J’Zhirr is curious about why she is imprison in the stone monolith and why the other vampires are searching for her.

Serana is hesitant. “That’s… complicated. And I’m not totally sure if I can trust you.”

Yes, humans often find Khajiits untrustworthy, and it seems that vampires too feels the same way.

Serana continues, “But if you want to know the whole story, help me get back to my family’s home. My family used to live on an island to the west of Solitude. I would guess they still do.”

Guess J’Zhirr does want to know the whole story.



Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr sees the vampire Lokil walking around the structure as if he is looking for something. His red eyes and face give away his undead nature.

Interestingly, J’Zhirr sees a third person. It looks like one of the vampires has risen a thrall.