Boneman attacks

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr is talking to a soul when he suddenly feels a sharp pain. Turning around he sees a boneman. How rude to interrupt another person’s conversation.

As the boneman raises his sword to attack again, Serana blasts him with magic. J’Zhirr turns to thank Serana and spots another boneman sneaking up behind her.


Sleeping bonemen

Bonemen at the table

Dear Mother,

From the doorway, J’Zhirr sees a long dining table laid out with silver cutlery. Around the table are skeletons hunched over in their seats, as if they had fallen asleep while waiting for their meal to arrive.

J’Zhirr has a bad feeling about this. What’s the probability that the skeletons will wake up when this one steps into the room?

Room filled with bones

Dear Mother,

Serana seems to be familiar with this place. When asked, she says, “My parents almost never let me off the island, so yeah, I poked around down here a lot. It was a little… quieter… back then. Guess a little vampire girl was enough to scare off the rats.”

It sounds like a lonely life and Serana admits that it was. Even though Serana says she got used to the loneliness, J’Zhirr thinks she still feels it a little. After all, a vampire is not really surrounded by friends. Perhaps that’s why she insisted on following J’Zhirr here.

Serana’s directions led J’Zhirr to a room filled with bones and death hounds.

Old water cistern

Old water cistern beneath Castle Volkihar

Dear Mother,

A door at the doors leads to the old water cistern beneath Castle Volkihar. Serana tells J’Zhirr to be glad that he isn’t around when it smells. A door leads to small balcony that overlooks the water cistern. Standing on the balcony, J’Zhirr observes at least three death hounds wandering around the area.

A feral vampire appears when J’Zhirr was fighting the death hounds, but the she is no match for Serana. Based on a journal fragment dropped by her, it seems that she was an outcast and secretly moved to live in the undercroft, waiting for an opportunity to take revenge.

Prison of the Moth Priest

Moth Priest's prison

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr manages to dispose of the thralls quietly.¬†As he continues up the stairs, he hears Malkus speaking.

Malkus says, “How much longer can you keep this up, Moth Priest? Your mind was strong, but you’re exhausted from the struggle. Yes, I can feel your defenses crumbling. You want it to end. You want to give in to me. Now, acknowledge me as your master!”

J’Zhirr peers over the top of the stairs and sees Malkus, a vampire and a vampire thrall. This one better do something before Malkus breaks the Moth Priest’s will.

Vampire thrall at Forebears’ Holdout

Vampire thrall at Forebears' Holdout

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr tells Serana to wait while he move slowly and quietly towards to the fire. He had seen movements close to the fire and he does not want Serana rushing in to the fight as if she is a barbarian.

J’Zhirr takes care to stay at the edges so he will be lit by the fire. He sees a man and woman. By the looks of their dressing, they seemed to be the Forsworn. This one is confused. Is the Forsworn and vampires working together? Then he realizes that the people he is looking at are vampire thralls.