A little sun flare

Sun flare

Dear Mother,

Serana suggests going to the College of Winterhold. She says, “Well, back before I… you know. The College of Winterhold was the first place I’d think to go for any kind of magic or historical thing. The wizards know about all kinds of things that people probably shouldn’t know about.”

So that’s where we are heading. It is day and Serana puts up her hood to shield herself from the sun. She complains that it is too bright and she does not know how J’Zhirr can stand it.

But J’Zhirr likes the brightness. It reminds J’Zhirr of Elsweyr, although the sun in Elsweyr is much brighter and hotter.

Fort Dawnguard at night

Fort Dawnguard at night

Dear Mother,

Isran had put up some banners at the main door. Or were they here the last time? J’Zhirr had been gone so long, that he does not remember.

J’Zhirr thinks that Fort Dawnguard looks very imposing at night. It looks like the setting for a horror story, where it is inhabited by monsters and vampires. Best not to let Isran hear this.



Dear Mother,

After selling off some loot that J’Zhirr collected along the way, he leaves to meet Isran at Fort Dawnguard. After he leaves the city, this one turns around and takes a look.

Whiterun is the first city that J’Zhirr visits after he arrived at Skyrim. It is a big city and contains three districts: Plains District, Wind District and Cloud District. It’s central location means that J’Zhirr often drops by on his travels to sell goods and restock on supplies. Now that J’Zhirr has a house in the city, complete with a housekeeper housecarl to take care of the property while he is away, Whiterun feels more and more like J’Zhirr’s second home.

Gjukar’s Monument

Gjukar's Monument

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr takes a shortcut across the plains to get the Whiterun. Along the way, he spots a rock that looks like the head of an eagle. When he gets closer, he sees that it is a man-made rock pillar.

Gjukar’s Monument was constructed to commemorate an ancient battle. Gjukar was the commander of a platoon. He and his men were killed here. At the base of the stone pillar, someone had placed a sword and shield.

Satchel of gyros

Sorine Jurard's gyros

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr eventually finds Sorine Jurard’s lost satchel of dwemer gyros. All seven of them still intact.

The satchel is lying just a few paces southwards of where Sorine is searching. J’Zhirr finds it along the riverbank, which fits in with Sorine’s theory that a mudcrab stole it. It probably dumped it after discovering that gyros are not edible.



Dear Mother,

Foggy. Foggy. Foggy.

The area seems to have become foggier while J’Zhirr stopped by the Reach Stormcloak camp. Despite the depressing weather, J’Zhirr must press on. Sorine Jurard is somewhere in these mountains. If Isran does not get his two new recruits, everything will remain at a standstill.