Back together again

Clavicus VIle and Barbas

Dear Mother,

With Barbas back by his side, Clavicus Vile is restored back to his full power. He says is it a shame that J’Zhirr wishes for something as dull as him taking back the dog and such a lack of ambition should be punished. While Clavicus is pondering about turning J’Zhirr into a worm, Barbas speaks up. He chides Clavicus and says it is Clavicus’ turn to uphold his end of the deal.

“Oh, fine. Have my boon and be done with it,” Clavicus cries before he leaves. No doubt in a hurry to look for interesting deals to make with other mortals. Too bad that deals made with Clavicus seldom works out in the other party’s favor.


Puppy dog look


Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr hurries back to return the Rueful Axe to Clavicus Vile. Clavicus tells this one that he can keep the axe if he uses it to kill Barbas. But J’Zhirr looks into Barbas’ puppy dog eyes and he is unable to do it. Besides, J’Zhirr is a swordsman, not a lumberjack.

Clavicus complains that J’Zhirr is no fun when this one tells him to take back Barbas and the axe.

Barbas the talking dog

Barbas leading the way to his master

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr encountered a talking dog outside Falkreath. When this one expressed surprise at a dog that talks, he says “Skyrim is now host to giant, flying lizards and two-legged cat-men, and you’re surprised by me? Yes. I just talked. And am continuing to do so.”

Hmm… pretty witty for a dog.

The dog says his name is Barbas and he had a falling out with his master. He asks J’Zhirr to be the mediator and leads the way to his master’s location up in the mountains. Before setting off, Barbas warns J’Zhirr not to trust any offers from his master.