Magic battle at Fort Kastav

Magic battle at Fort Kastav

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr refuses to pay Alfarinn and Serana has no money, so we are going to the College of Winterhold. Hopefully they will not ask much gold for the information.

As we pass by Fort Kastav, an Arch Conjurer runs out and attacks us. He is soon joined by a necromancer. These crazy people, we are just passing through and not going near the fort at all. However, it’s their mistake for Serana makes short work of them.

Riding a horse in the night

Galloping horse

Dear Mother,

It is a pity to leave the noble beast to die in the snow. So J’Zhirr gets on the horse and rides him to Windhelm. The horse does not to mind and seems glad to have a rider again. This one leaves the horse at the Windhelm Stables, in the care of the stable owner. Hopefully the next owner will not die as easily as its previous one.

Lonely horse

Horse and dead rider

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr sees a horse in the distance. As he moves closer, he realizes that the the horse is standing over a dead man, presumably the owner. J’Zhirr looks around but he sees no sigh of the dead man’s killer. Perhaps he died from falling off the horse.

On a dark, snowy road

Assassin on the road

Dear Mother,

It is late when J’Zhirr leaves Winterhold Hold and heads back to Riften. Although there are no street lamps along the road, the white snow reflects the faint light from the stars so brightly that J’Zhirr is able to see each step clearly.

Suddenly a fellow Khajiit steps into view. She advances menacingly with both swords drawn. J’Zhirr could tell that this will not end well and draws his greatsword too. Small knives are faster but deal little damage while J’Zhirr’s greatsword swings slower but when it hits, it hits hard. In this classic test of power and speed, power won.

After the fight, this one finds a note on her body, a contract from the Dark Brotherhood. Seems like J’Zhirr had offended someone and now that person wants this one dead. Unfortunately the note does not reveal the name of the client, for J’Zhirr would dearly like to teach that person a lesson.

The Serpent Stone

The Serpent Stone

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr finds the Serpent Stone on one of the islands. The Serpent Stone is one of the magical standing stones located throughout Skyrim. This stone grants the user the power to use a ranged paralyzing poison once a day. Is this one going to spit poison like a snake? J’Zhirr does not find this power appealing and so does not activate it.

It is a clear day and J’Zhirr could see as far as the Shrine of Azura on the the mountaintop. Perhaps J’Zhirr will visit it one day.

Ice on the horizon

Pieces of ice

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr spends the night in the comfort of the ship cabin. The next morning, this one wakes up to find that great pieces of ice have formed in the night. On the horizon, more unexplored islands awaits the adventurous soul. A path of broken ice points in that direction. J’Zhirr takes this as a sign.