Dinnertime at the bunkhouse

Dinnertime at Haelga's bunkhouse

Dear Mother,

Brynjolf had warned J’Zhirr that Haelga is as stubborn as she is beautiful. But just the biggest rock can be pierced by a pickaxe, Haelga too has a weak spot. Brynjolf says that Haelga is a devout follower of Dibella. If J’Zhirr uses Haelga’s statue of the Divine as a leverage, she will cave.

J’Zhirr has wasted enough words, so he decides to look for the statue. The lodgers at the bunkhouse are having their dinner but they seem too preoccupied with their own lives to offer much help to J’Zhirr in the search.


Part two of the plan

Listening hard

Dear Mother,

Brynjolf keeps everyone engross in his stories about the Falmerblood Elixir. To hear him tell it, the Falmerblood is the last thing you will ever need for any aliments you might face. Brynjolf is spinning the yarn as his life depends on it. Perhaps it does. J’Zhirr never got around to asking.

With everyone’s attention focused on Brynjolf, J’Zhirr is able to carry out part two of the plan easily. This one sneaks up to Brand-Shei and reverse pickpockets him. It is like pickpocketing someone but instead of taking something, one places something on the target.

Brynjolf the salesman

Brynjolf the salesman

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr gives Brand-Shei a diary that he found at the broken ship. It contains some clues to Brand-Shei’s past and the Dunmer is delighted to come into possession of it. Now J’Zhirr can continue with Brynjolf’s plan with a clear conscience.

J’Zhirr gives Brynjolf the signal and stands to the side to watch. Brynjolf raises his voice to get the attention of everyone at the marketplace. He calls, “Everyone! Everyone! Gather ’round! I have something amazing to show you that demands your attention!”

Madesi complains, “That’s what you said about the Wisp Essence and it turned out to be crushed nirnroot mixed with water!”

Brynjolf is unfazed and continues with his sales pitch. He holds up a bottle, “Lads and lasses I give you, Falmerblood Elixir! Mystical beings who live in legends and were masters of great magic. Imagine the power that coursed through their veins! One sip of the elixir and your wishes will be granted. Great wealth, everlasting life or perhaps limitless power could be yours! Only twenty gold septims! Hurry before my supply is gone.”

Argonian jeweler


Dear Mother,

Madesi runs a jewelry stall at Riften’s marketplace. He is also one of the few remaining traditional Argonian jewelers in Tamriel. He makes and sells his own work at the stall. The recent unrest has made the roads unsafe and Madesi has trouble getting a good supply of raw materials. He also complains that Brynjolf keeps draining the people’s pocket with his stupid miracle cures.

Brynjolf’s plan is for J’Zhirr to steal Madesi’s silver ring from the strongbox Madesi keeps at his stall. But we will not keep the ring, for the ring is destined for another’s pocket.