Shrine to Mara

Shrine to Mara

Dear Mother,

Erandur looks exhausted. Destroying the Skull has taken a toll on him, and so did the deaths of his former friends. Erandur had constructed a merger shrine to Mara at the entrance of the temple and plans to spend the rest of his life praying for forgiveness. Although Erandur says he will join J’Zhirr on his adventures is this one asks, J’Zhirr decides to let the Dunmer spends his days in peaceful solitude. After all that he has been through, it seems unfair to drag him along on J’Zhirr’s journeys.


Erandur destroys the Skull

Destroying the Skull

Dear Mother,

When the fight ends, Erandur laments, “I… knew Veren and Thorek. They were my friends. Is this punishment for my past? Is it Mara’s will to torment me so?”

J’Zhirr reminds Erandur that we had no choice as they attacked us. Erandur agrees with this one’s logic and performs the ritual to destroy the Skull. While Erandur is casting the spell, J’Zhirr hears a woman’s voice. There is no reaction from Erandur so J’Zhirr seems to be the only one who hears her.

She says, “He’s deceiving you. When the ritual’s complete, the Skull will be free and then Erandur will turn on you. Quickly! Kill him now. Kill him and claim the Skull for your own! Vaermina commands you!”

But J’Zhirr does nothing. This one is wary of listening to Daedric Princes, especially after meeting Clavicus Vile.

Meeting of old acquaintances

Thorek and Veren

Dear Mother,

We proceed to the inner sanctum. Two more priests appear as we approach the altar holding the skull. Erandur recognizes them. He cries, “Veren… Thorek… you’re alive!”

However, they do not seem as happy to see Erandur. Veren replies, “No thanks to you, Casimir. You’re a traitor. You left us to die and then ran before the Miasma took you.”

Erandur tries to explain that he ran because he was scared, but Veren is not in the mood to listen. He says, “Enough of your lies! I can’t allow you to destroy the Skull, Priest of Mara.”

So we fight.

The other side of the barrier

Other side of barrier

Dear Mother,

The dream ends and J’Zhirr find himself facing Erandur through the barrier. Thanks to the Vaermina’s Torpor, J’Zhirr ended up on the other side.

The barrier seems to be powered by a nearby soul gem. J’Zhirr removes it from the stand and the barrier disappears.

Erandur babbles excitedly about the power of Vaermina’s Torpor. “It… it worked. Mara be praised! You vanished after drinking the Torpor and materialized on the other side. I have never seen anything quite like it. How I envy you. I can only imagine the excitement of seeing history through the eyes of another!”

Dueling orcs and priests

Priest and orc in a duel

Dear Mother,

Casimir runs through the Nightcaller Temple, passing groups of dueling priests and orcs along the way. Everyone is busy fighting and nobody notices a lone priest running past them. Finally Casimir reaches a big ring hanging from the chain. He pulls it and releases the Miasma.

Dream a dream

Veren and Thorek

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr enters a dream full of trippy colors. So now we know that the Vaermina’s Torpor works.

Two priests of Vaermina are having a conversation. The Nord priest informs the elf, “The orcs have breached the inner sanctum, Brother Veren. But… no more than a handful of us remain, brother.”

Faced with such odds, Veren decides that there is no alternative left. In order to protect the Skull, they must release the Miasma. Then they turned to J’Zhirr, or rather the dreamer whose dream J’Zhirr is in, and asked, “And what about you, Brother Casimir? Are you prepared to serve the will of Vaermina?”

Casimir says that he is ready. The two priests decide that they will remain and guard the Skull so Casimir is given the task of activating the barrier and releasing the Miasma.