Our burden to bear

Deep in discussion

Dear Mother,

The next day, J’Zhirr finds Vilkas and Kodlak Whitemane deep in conversation. Vilkas seems troubled┬áthat he can still hear the call of the blood.

Kodlak tries to comfort him, “We all do. It is our burden to bear. But we can overcome.”

J’Zhirr knows that Vilkas has great respect for Kodlak so it is no surprise that Vilkas pledges his support, saying, “You have my brother and I, obviously.” However, Vilkas expresses his doubts about the others and thinks that they might not go along so easily.


Ria and Vilkas

Ria and Vilkas

Dear Mother,

Ria initially wanted to learn fighting skills from Aela, but Vilkas points out that Aela has not used anything bigger than a dagger. Vilkas then offers to teach Ria as their fighting styles are similar. J’Zhirr sometimes sees them together and the way Vilkas seems to frequently positions himself near Ria leads this one to think that there may be something more.

This time J’Zhirr sees Vilkas moving to sit on the same bench as Ria and yet he speaks not a word to her. If J’Zhirr is feeling childish, he might sing something like:

Vilkas and Ria sitting in a tree

J’Zhirr forgets the rest of the words.

Initiation into The Companions

Initiation into The Companions

Dear Mother,

After we return with the fragment of Wuuthrad, Skjor and Farkas leave to discuss about this one’s performance during the mission. A while later, Vilkas brings this one to Jorrvaskr’s courtyard for the initiation ceremony. In the presence of the other Circle members, Farkas vouches for this one. So J’Zhirr becomes a member of The Companions.