Making inquiries

Making inquiries at The Bee and Barb

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr stops by the nearest inn to make inquiries about the Moth Priest. This means The Bee and Barb at Riften.

Serana sits herself at a nearby table while J’Zhirr approaches the counter. Unfortunately Keerava did not hear any news about a Moth Priest passing through.

On a dragon’s head

On a dragon's head

Dear Mother,

Stepping out of Dayspring Canyon, Serana sees a dragon flying overhead and fires a ice bolt at it. Before J’Zhirr realizes what is happening, the dragon lands and starts attacking Serana. J’Zhirr rushes to help. This one swings his dual swords while Serana casts lightning bolts at the dragon. Seizing the opportunity, J’Zhirr jumps onto the dragon’s head and starts wildly slashing. Within a short time, the dragon is dead.

Having Serana around really makes the fight much easier.

You, me and a vampire named Serana

You Me and a Vampire

Dear Mother,

Isran tells J’Zhirr to follow as he leads the way to the torture room. J’Zhirr breathes a sigh of relief when he sees that Serana is unharmed. Given Isran’s hatred for vampires, J’Zhirr was afraid that he might kill her before listening to what she has to say.

Isran says that Serana showed up one day, saying that she had something really important to tell J’Zhirr. (Isran refers to Serana as “it”. Guess this shows how highly he thinks of vampires.)

Serana says, “It’s important, so please just listen before your friend, here, loses his patience. It’s… well,  it’s about me. And the Elder Scroll that was buried with me.” To cut a long story short, Serana’s father stumbled onto an obscure prophecy and became obsessed with it. The prophecy said that vampires would no longer need to fear the sun. Serana and her mother tried to stop him and as a result, Serana was sealed away with the scroll.

J’Zhirr can see why that is a big problem. If vampires no longer fear the sun, it could throw the whole world into chaos.

Isran still wants to kill Serana, even after J’Zhirr tries to get him to see the bigger picture. Isran only agrees to let Serana lives after J’Zhirr vouched for her. Isran tells Serana, “Don’t feel like a guest, because you’re not. You’re a resource. You’re an asset. In the meantime, don’t make me regret my sudden outburst of tolerance and generosity, because if you do, your friend here is going to pay for it.”

Serana smiles sweetly, “Thank you for your kindness. I’ll remember it the next time I’m feeling hungry.”

That girl has got some spunk in her.

Vampire test

Vampire test

Dear Mother,

Gunmar and Sorine Jurard are already waiting inside the fort. Isran is standing on the second floor, looking down at all of us.

Gunmar shouts up, “All right Isran, you’ve got us all here. Now what do you want?

Then a beam of light appears, shining down on us. It’s as if Isran somehow managed to bottle up sunlight and released it indoors.

Sorine asks, “What are you doing?”

Isran explains that it is a test for vampires. He adds, “Can’t be too careful.”

Frozen troll

Frozen troll

Dear Mother,

As J’Zhirr travels towards Riften, he meets a troll. This seems a perfect opportunity to test the new dragon shout he learnt back in Frostmere Crypt. This one shouts at the charging troll and freezes him solid. Its momentum continues to carry the troll forwards until it lands at J’Zhirr’s feet. However the effect does not last long and it stay frozen only for a few seconds.

Pool in Lower Steepfall Burrow

A tunnel filled with water found in Lower Steepfall Burrow

Dear Mother,

There is a snowstorm outside so this one decides to explore a tunnel in Lower Steepfall Burrow. The tunnel is filled with water so J’Zhirr takes off his armor to go for a swim. The tunnel leads to enclosed pool with steep walls on all sides. There is no way for J’Zhirr to climb out so this one has to go back the way he came. At the bottom of the pool lies a locked chest. It is a low level lock so this one is able to quickly unlock it before he runs out of air.