Horse skull

Arvak found

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr sees a structure surrounded by ghosts. When he goes near it, they suddenly turned into mistmen. With Serana‘s help, he makes short work of them.

Now that the enemies are disposed of, J’Zhirr takes a look at the structure. Right in the center is a pedestal, on which sits a horse skull. Might this be the horse that J’Zhirr is tasked to find?


Door to Soul Cairn

Opening the portal

Dear Mother,

It works! The circle on the floor opens up after Serana adds her blood to the ingredients.

J’Zhirr wonders what Serana will do if we find her mother. It turns out, Serana is asking herself the same thing. She says of her mother, “She always seemed happy, before we heard the prophecy. Then it all changed. She become a different person. They both did.”

This one guesses that we will never know why Serana’s mother did the things she did until we find her.

First lesson

Dear Mother,

Tolfdir starts the lesson by giving a lecture about safety. He says, “So, as I was saying, the first thing to understand is that magic is, by its very nature, volatile and dangerous. Unless you can control it, it can and will destroy you.”

Brelyna Maryon interrupts impatiently, “Sir, I think we all understand that fairly well. We wouldn’t be here if we couldn’t control magic!”

Tolfdir patiently explains, “Of course, my dear. Of course. You all certainly possess some inherent natural ability. That much is not being questioned. What I’m talking about is true control, mastery of magic. It takes years, if not decades, of practice and study. Eagerness must be tempered with caution, or else disaster is inevitable.”

At this point, the other students starts chiming in, eager to get started. J’Zhirr suggests learning something practical and Tolfdir agrees.¬†He says, “In continuing with our theme of safety, we’ll start with Wards. Wards are protective spells that block magic.”

J’Zhirr is roped in for the demonstration. Tolfdir teaches J’Zhirr a Lesser Ward spell. Then J’Zhirr has to cast the ward and keep it up while Tolfdir fires a fireball at J’Zhirr. Not to worry, mother, Tolfdir knows what he is doing. The ward holds and J’Zhirr is unharmed.

Living quarters at the College

Dear Mother,

Mirabelle is surprised to see J’Zhirr. It seems that there has been quite a few new students lately.

Mirabelle immediately gets down to business, She hands J’Zhirr a set of novice mage clothing. She says, “While you’re not required to wear them, you may find them more to your liking than,” there is a little distaste in her tone as she finishes the sentence, “your current clothes.”

Then Mirabelle gives J’Zhirr a brief tour of the College. She brings J’Zhirr to the Hall of the Elements, where they hold lessons and meetings. Then she points out the Arcanaeum and the Arch-Mage’s quarters about that. Lastly she bring J’Zhirr to the Hall of Attainment where they house the newest members.

J’Zhirr is given his own room with a bed and desk. Strangely the room has no door. So much for privacy.

Lighting the path to Winterhold College

Lighting the path

Dear Mother,

Faralda is still standing guard at the entrance to the College of Winterhold. This time J’Zhirr is able to pass Faralda’s little test. Pleased, Faralda welcomes J’Zhirr.

She leads the way across the bridge, stopping three times before three different¬†stone cauldrons filled with a mysterious blue liquid. Each time, she cast a magic ball of light that flies towards the stone cauldron and ignites the liquid within. Along the way Faralda says, “The College is an asset to Skyrim, even if it goes unnoticed or unappreciated. Winterhold’s glory days may lie behind it, but the College lives on. Much knowledge lies within the College’s walls. No matter what, the College will endure.”

At the end of the bridge, Faralda leaves. She tell J’Zhirr that he should speak to Master Wizard Mirabelle Ervine.

Making inquiries

Making inquiries at The Bee and Barb

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr stops by the nearest inn to make inquiries about the Moth Priest. This means The Bee and Barb at Riften.

Serana sits herself at a nearby table while J’Zhirr approaches the counter. Unfortunately Keerava did not hear any news about a Moth Priest passing through.