Aela walking away

Aela the Huntress

Dear Mother,

The idea to join the Companions only came to J’Zhirr a few days later.

At that moment, all J’Zhirr could do was to stare open-mouthed at Aela the Huntress after she called this one a milk drinker. J’Zhirr could not even think of a fitting retort back. This one had to admit there was something amounting to awe as he watched She-Who-Just-Killed-A-Giant coolly walked away. Although at the same time, J’Zhirr also thought that she was very rude.

Of course, J’Zhirr remembered to search the fallen giant’s corpse afterwards. Nothing goes to waste.


First meeting of Aela the Huntress

Aela the Huntress

Dear Mother,

After the fight, a red-haired woman came up to J’Zhirr. She said, “Well, that’s taken care of. No thanks to you.” This one tried to explain that he had tried his best. Is it this one’s fault that they are so strong that they killed the giant too quickly? Of course the woman remained unconvinced. She replied, “Ha. Another milk drinker crying about his effort. Glory only awaits those who triumph. And as Companions, our glory must always be hard-fought.”

This is why J’Zhirr sought out the Companions when he arrived in Whiterun, to prove to the haughty woman that this one is no milk drinker.

Promise of vengeance

Promise of vengeance

Dear Mother,

Unfortunately Aela the Huntress the recognizes the bald head too and rushes into the room. J’Zhirr has to try his best to keep both him and Aela alive. Aela fights furiously and delivers the killing blow on Krev the Skinner. But even his death is not enough to appease her anger.

As Aela looks down at Skjor‘s body, she promises vengeance. She tells J’Zhirr, “Get out of here. I’m going to make sure we got the last of them, and see if there’s any information to be gotten from the bodies. You and I have work to do. The Silver Hand will tremble at our sight.”

A torch in the dark

Lost my clothes

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr drinks the blood and everything turns black.

When J’Zhirr wakes up, he is standing in the moonlight and smells like a wet dog. Fearing that someone from Whiterun will see J’Zhirr, he runs back into the Underforge but Skjor and Aela are missing. This one searches the Underforge for any sight of them.  J’Zhirr reaches the back of the Underforge and jumps down from a high ledge. Then everything turns black again.

When this one awakens, he finds himself without clothes. Aela is holding a torch in the distance so J’Zhirr runs towards her. Seeing J’Zhirr, Aela says “I almost envy you. That first time is always the most… intense. You gave us even more trouble than Farkas did at his first turning.”

J’Zhirr cannot decide whether this is a good thing.

Shared blood of the wolf

Sharing wolf blood

Dear Mother,

All this is done secretly without Kodlak Whitemane’s knowledge. Skjor says that Kodlak is too busy trying to throw away their power to turn into werewolves. Kodlak sees it as a curse while Skjor thinks it is a blessing. So he and Aela decides to take matters into their own hands.

Skjor says, “To reach the heights of the Companions, you must join with us in the shared blood of the wolf.” He unsheathes his sword and makes a cut in Aela’s arm, letting her blood flow into the stone basin.

J’Zhirr thinks he is suppose to drink it.

Inside the Underforge

Aela and Skjor

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr enters the Underforge after Skjor. Skjor says the Underforge taps into an ancient magic that is older than man or elves and J’Zhirr is brought here to make him stronger.

J’Zhirr knows that members of The Circle can transform into werewolves but he still experiences some surprise when he sees a werewolf standing calmly in the room.

Skjor goes and stands beside the werewolf. He says, “I would hope you recognize Aela, even in this form. She’s agreed to be your forebear.”