About J’Zhirr

J'Zhirr at Dusk

Welcome fellow Skyrim travelers,

J’Zhirr is most pleased to make your acquaintance.

J’Zhirr is a Khajiit. Born and raised in Elsweyr, this one now travels around Tamriel and see all the different lands. Humans often find Khajiit speech confusing for they refer to themselves in the third person.

This is a record of J’Zhirr’s adventures and encounters in Skyrim. J’Zhirr travels alone; less hassle, less burden and more freedom. Perhaps one day J’Zhirr will travel to another part of Tamriel but for now, J’Zhirr will be in Skyrim.

J’Zhirr’s postcards are in chronological order. If this is your first time visiting, click here to start from the beginning of J’Zhirr’s story.

J’Zhirr is now on a hiatus.

All screenshots of Skyrim are available in 1920 x 1080 px.

May the roads lead you to warm sands


    • Thanks!

      I use S.T.E.P. as as guide on what mods to install. Currently I am running about 130 mods, about half are graphic mods. I just posted a list of mods that I am using here which you can use as reference.

      Regardless of whether you have installed mods, you may also want to try installing an ENB. There are many ENBs available which can change the look of the game.

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