Post fight talk

Durnehviir post fight talk

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr finds Durnehviir already restored and waiting for him outside the building. J’Zhirr readies himself for another round but Durnehviir calls out, “Stay your weapons. I would speak with you, Qahnaarin.”

Turns out that Durnehviir is so impressed by the result of the battle, that he grants J’Zhirr the right to call his name from Tamriel should this one need an ally in battle. Durnehviir says, “For countless years I’ve roamed the Soul Cairn, in unintended service to the Ideal Masters. Before this, I roamed the skies above Tamriel. I desire to return there.”

However, Durnehviir had spent so much time in the Soul Cairn, that he now cannot venture far from it. If he stay away too long, his strength will wane until he is no more. Granting J’Zhirr the right to call his name in battle will enable Durnehviir to fly once again in Tamriel, even if it is only for a short while.




Dear Mother,

The death of the last Keeper frees Valerica from her prison. She bides J’Zhirr to follow her into the building. She also warns him to keep an eye out for Durnehviir. Valerica says that with the prison’s barrier down, Durnehviir is certain to investigate.

As Valercia enter the big courtyard within, Durnehviir appears in the sky. He is a great undead dragon. His body is in states of decomposition and there seems to be an ooze dripping from his mouth.

Durnehviir flies around, occasionally summoning bonemen to join his fight. However between the three of us, we managed to defeat him. Valerica is astonished as she did not think that she would witness the death of Durnehviir.

Valercia says, “Volumes written on Durnehviir allege that he can’t be slain by normal means. It appears they were mistaken. Unless…” Valerica ponders and continues, “The soul of a dragon is as resilient as its owner’s scaly hide. It’s possible that your killing blow has merely displaced Durnehviir’s physical form while he reconstitutes himself.”

With that uneasy thought,we hurry to collect the Elder Scroll.

Blood dragon attacking Thalmor Embassy

Dragon attacking Thalmor Embassy

Dear Mother,

A blood dragon flies down and blast J’Zhirr with a a breath of frost. When it flies away, J’Zhirr and Serana chase after it. Somewhere along the way, J’Zhirr lost Serana.

This one follows the dragon to the Thalmor Embassy. The dragon starts attacking the embassy. It must really dislike the Aldmeri Dominion.

On a dragon’s head

On a dragon's head

Dear Mother,

Stepping out of Dayspring Canyon, Serana sees a dragon flying overhead and fires a ice bolt at it. Before J’Zhirr realizes what is happening, the dragon lands and starts attacking Serana. J’Zhirr rushes to help. This one swings his dual swords while Serana casts lightning bolts at the dragon. Seizing the opportunity, J’Zhirr jumps onto the dragon’s head and starts wildly slashing. Within a short time, the dragon is dead.

Having Serana around really makes the fight much easier.

In a shower of snow

Dragon in a cloud of snow

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr and Serana makes it out of the crypt without further confrontations, stepping out of the crypt into a snowstorm. Despite the terrible weather, Serana looks happy.

She says, “Ah, it’s so good to breathe again! Even in this weather, it’s better than the cave.”

Then a dragon decides drop in. Its heavy landing shakes the ground and sends up a shower of fresh, cold snow. J’Zhirr notices that Serana does not seem surprised to see the dragon. Perhaps she comes from a time when dragons are still around. Just how old is she?

Dragon fly-by


Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr hears the flapping of large leathery wings. He turns his face skywards and scans heavens. There! A moving shadow grows steadily larger until J’Zhirr can make out every scale on its body. The dragon flies above the inn. With no place for it to land, it just flies round and round, blowing fire. Then it flies away after J’Zhirr shoots a few arrows at it. Perhaps it is not hungry?