On a dragon’s head

On a dragon's head

Dear Mother,

Stepping out of Dayspring Canyon, Serana sees a dragon flying overhead and fires a ice bolt at it. Before J’Zhirr realizes what is happening, the dragon lands and starts attacking Serana. J’Zhirr rushes to help. This one swings his dual swords while Serana casts lightning bolts at the dragon. Seizing the opportunity, J’Zhirr jumps onto the dragon’s head and starts wildly slashing. Within a short time, the dragon is dead.

Having Serana around really makes the fight much easier.

In a shower of snow

Dragon in a cloud of snow

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr and Serana makes it out of the crypt without further confrontations, stepping out of the crypt into a snowstorm. Despite the terrible weather, Serana looks happy.

She says, “Ah, it’s so good to breathe again! Even in this weather, it’s better than the cave.”

Then a dragon decides drop in. Its heavy landing shakes the ground and sends up a shower of fresh, cold snow. J’Zhirr notices that Serana does not seem surprised to see the dragon. Perhaps she comes from a time when dragons are still around. Just how old is she?

Dragon fly-by


Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr hears the flapping of large leathery wings. He turns his face skywards and scans heavens. There! A moving shadow grows steadily larger until J’Zhirr can make out every scale on its body. The dragon flies above the inn. With no place for it to land, it just flies round and round, blowing fire. Then it flies away after J’Zhirr shoots a few arrows at it. Perhaps it is not hungry?

Eye to eye

Eye to eye

Dear Mother,

A horse from Riften Stables hears the commotion and comes to investigate. It tries to stare down the dragon but of course the dragon is not intimated. Still, J’Zhirr thinks that the horse is really gutsy for trying.

The horse attacks with its hooves and J’Zhirr attacks with his greatsword. Together, we manage to bring the dragon down.

J’Zhirr leads the horse back to Riften Stables and make sure that it is comfortable for the rest night. Then this one leaves a bit of coin and a note telling Hofgrir Horse-Crusher to buy the horse an extra big bag of carrots.

Night Frost

Night Frost

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr leaves Riften late at night, proudly wearing his complete set of scaled armor. This one is immediately attacked by a dragon lurking outside the gates. So much for a quiet exit.

The dragon makes the first move and attacks with frost. J’Zhirr almost faints. Not from the numbing cold though; more because of the bad breath.

Announcement: Change in posting frequency

Wings wide spread

Hi everyone,

I just want to inform you that I am reducing the frequency of posts from next week onward. Right now I am putting up a new post every alternate day but it is getting harder and harder for me to keep up. I would also like to have more time to do other things or work on other projects. After thinking about this problem for a long while, I decided to reduce the number of posts per week.

New posts will now appear every Monday and Thursday.

Thank you for following J’Zhirr’s adventures in Skyrim 🙂