Farmer and his offering

Cow offering

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr meets a farmer and his painted cow. J’Zhirr had seen cows painted in this matter before.

The farmer explains that the cow is painted in this matter so that the giant will know that it is an offering from the farmer. The farmer says that while his neighbors laugh at him, he believes the offering works as the giant left him alone.


Mammoth cheese

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr decides to take a shortcut. While passing by the Red Road Pass giant camp, he sees three bags of mammoth cheese maturing in the shade. A quick glance tells this one the giant and mammoth are on the other side of the camp. J’Zhirr thinks they won’t miss it if J’Zhirr takes a tiny little pinch. It is not common to find cheese made from the milk of a mammoth. Serana refuses to take any.

The Pale Blade

The Pale Blade

Dear Mother,

The moment J’Zhirr places the sword back on its stand, the Pale Lady disappears. This one decides to leave it there as it seems the best thing to do. The Pale Lady is obviously the sword’s guardian.

It’s a pity Ra’jirr isn’t quick enough. If he had been just a few steps quicker and placed the sword back on its stand, he would still be alive.

The Pale Lady and Ra’jirr

The Pale Lady and Ra'jirr

Dear Mother,

The figure in white must be the Pale Lady. Wouldn’t everyone be surprised to find that the Pale Lady from Ra’jirr’s nightmares is real after all?

Ra’jirr goes up to the monument with the sword, but the Pale Lady kills him almost immediately. J’Zhirr fires an arrow at her, luring her to his side of the forest. Then he quickly runs up to Ra’jirr, grabs the sword from his hands and places it on the monument.

Underground forest

Frostmere Crypt

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr follows the ball of light to center of the forest where an ancient monument stands. This one sees two figures on the raised platform. This one can just make out a pair of pointed ears on the dark figure so that must be Ra’jirr.


Kyr lying injured in the underground forest

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr enters the underground forest and finds Kyr lying injured on the ground a few steps from the entrance. With his dying breath, Kyr says that Ra’jirr ambushed him.

After Kyr passed on, J’Zhirr sees a ball of white light appearing near the body. It then quickly flies off deeper into the forest.