Ghost of the Wolf Queen

Ghost of the Wolf Queen

Dear Mother,

After defeating Potema’s inner council, J’Zhirr cautiously proceeds to the Wolf Queen’s throne. Her ghostly outline can be seen clearly against the dark colors of the throne. Even now, Potema is not going down without a fight.

As J’Zhirr approaches, she gets up and attacks. She also summons atronachs to fight by her side. When J’Zhirr finally defeats her and her minions, he grabs her skull from the throne and runs out of the catacombs. Styrr will bless it so that the Wolf Queen will no longer pose a danger and this one will be able to get nice reward from Falk Firebeard.


In death, we still fight

Facing off King Olaf

Dear Mother,

After disposing the draugrs, the ghost marches up to King Olaf’s coffin and shouts the dead king’s name. This time, King Olaf hears him and climbs out of his coffin, shouting, “Insolent bard. Die!”

King Olaf raises his weapon to battle the ghost. J’Zhirr also unsheathes his greatsword and joins in the fight. It is a long, hard battle but finally King Olaf falls to the ground, dead again. Satisfied with the outcome, the ghost pulls out his lute and disappears in a ray of light, no doubt singing the song that King Olaf had banned. Perhaps the bard’s soul will finally be at peace.

King Olaf’s burial room

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr follows the ghost to King Olaf’s burial room. The ghost charges straight into the room, not caring about the draugrs that are seated inside. Standing in the center of the room, the ghost shouts loudly, “Olaf! It is time!”. His voice is loud and echoes throughout the room, making enough noise to wake the dead.

Which is what happens because waves of draugrs rises up and attacks the ghost. The ghost fights bravely and since he is already dead, the draugrs’ blows do not hurt him. J’Zhirr stays out of harm’s way and shoots arrows at the draugrs, doing his part to end the fight quickly.

Unlocking the magic seal

Unlocking the magic seal

Dear Mother,

Now that J’Zhirr has the book, he decides to leave the tomb. As this one turns to leave, he is surprised to find the ghost at the top of the stairs. The ghost does not seem to notice this one’s presence and is staring intently at a magically-sealed door. The ghost casts a spell to remove the seal and disappears through the door. J’Zhirr shall follow. Things are beginning to get interesting.

The bard’s ghost

Svaknir's ghost

Dear Mother,

In a tiny room, J’Zhirr finds the ghost sitting next to a body,¬†presumably¬†his. He died clutching a book in his hands. This must be the lost verse of King Olaf that Viarmo was talking about.

J’Zhirr tries to talk to the ghost but he does not answer. The ghost watches silently as this one reaches down to take the book from the body. Then he vanishes. Perhaps all this time the ghost is just waiting for someone so that his work will not remain lost.

A ghostly figure

A ghostly figure

Dear Mother,

When this one enters the tomb, he sees a ghostly figure through the open doorway. The ghost seems to be playing a lute. This must be the ghost of the bard that was imprisoned by King Olaf. The ghost turns and vanishes as J’Zhirr approaches. J’Zhirr gets the feeling that the ghost is beckoning this one to explore deeper into the tomb.