Agmaer learns to shoot

Isran teaching Agmaer how to shoot a crossbow

Dear Mother,

Although Isran laughs at Agmaer, he seems to have taken a liking to the farm boy. After he stops laughing, Isran says, “Don’t worry, I think we can make a Dawnguard out of you.” He gives Agmaer a crossbow and says, “Let’s see how you shoot.”

Agmaer looks hesitant. He has never used one before.

“Yes, a crossbow,” Isran replies. “Best thing for killing vampires. Just take a few shots at those crates over there.”

J’Zhirr waits, and waits, and waits. But Isran is so focused on teaching Agmaer how to use a crossbow that he forgets all about J’Zhirr. This one will have to interrupt him.


Stendarr preserve us

Isran laughs

Dear Mother,

When Isran sees that Agmaer is a farm boy, he asks, “What’s your weapon?”

Agmaer shows Isran an axe, “I mostly use my pa’s axe, when wolves are attacking the goats or something.”

Isran burst out laughing. In between guffaws, he says, ” ‘My pa’s axe’, Stendarr preserve us.”

Not the army

Isran calls to Agmaer

Dear Mother,

After ending his conversation with Tolan, Isran turns and calls out to Agmaer, telling him to stop skulking in the shadows and step forwards.

Agmaer answers nervously, “I’m, uh… my name is Agmaer, sir.”

Isran replies gruffly, “Do I look like a ‘sir’ to you, boy? I’m not a soldier, and you’re not joining the army.”

Fort Dawnguard

Fort Dawnguard

Dear Mother,

For Agmaer, the reason is simple. He heard about what’s going on, the vampires, the Dawnguard and all, and he wanted to help.

We reached the foot of the hill leading up to the fort and Agmaer bides J’Zhirr farewell. “I guess this is it,” he says as he starts up the road alone. “Wish me luck.”

J’Zhirr hangs back for a while and waits until Agmaer climbs up the front steps. This one is in no hurry. Let Agmaer savor  the moment.



Dear Mother,

A friendly voice calls out to J’Zhirr. Round the corner stands a young Nord called Agmaer .

Agmaer had traveled to join the Dawnguard. He is nervous and asks to walk up together to Fort Dawnguard. Agmaer also asks J’Zhirr not to tell Isran that he is afraid to meet Isran on his own as it is not the best first impression for a new vampire hunter.

Agmaer comments on everything along the way. He must be one of those who talks more when they are nervous.