Bandit miner

An orc bandit mining in Frostmere Crypt

Dear Mother,

In the mining area, a bandit comments, “Something’s wrong… Boss’ been down there too long.” The others agreed to wait a little longer.

J’Zhirr passes by a bandit mining. He is so focused on his work that he did not notice J’Zhirr sneaking past. Perhaps Eisa Blackthorn’s plan to create more incentive among the bandits by giving the best diggers double rations is working.


Shared bedroom

Shared bedroom between Eisa Blackthorn and Ra'jirr

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr finds a bedroom shared between Eisa Blackthorn and Ra’jirr. Eisa left in such a hurry that she left her journal on the table. In it, she wrote about leaving Hajvarr’s White River gang and joining Kyr’s band.

She also wrote about finding the underground forest with an old monument at the center. Kyr took the sword from it as a trophy, proof his whole plan was finally paying off. After Kyr took the sword, nightmares began to plague Ra’jirr. As the nightmares get worse, Ra’jirr is barely able to sleep and often wakes up screaming. Ra’jirr says that a Pale Lady will kill them unless they return the sword. Eisa tells everyone that Ra’jirr has a fever and she is quietly making her plans to leave.

There is also a note on the table from Ra’jirr:


I see her in every shadow. Hear her voice on every breath of wind. In my dreams, in my ears, in my mind. The Pale Lady- we have to stop her. Just return the sword, and we can shut her away forever. I can’t take this any more.

I have to do it.

I must.


Kyr’s room

Frostmere Crypt

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr searches Kyr’s bedroom and finds his journal. In his journal, he talks about how he met Eisa Blackthorn and Ra’jirr. As Eisa had spent some time at the Cidhna Mine, Kyr assigned her to lead a group of bandits mining for old relics while Ra’jirr joined one of the above ground groups in raiding passing merchants.

One day, they broke through to a big cavern. Despite being totally underground, the cavern contains a big forest. Right in the middle of the forest, they found a sword which Kyr kept for himself.

That seems to be the start of all this trouble.

Overheard conversation

Frostmere Crypt

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr enters Frostmere Crypt quietly and overhears two bandits talking.

“But… Eisa? She’s smarter than that,” says one.

The other replies, “Ra’jirr was always dragging her into things.”

“But… stealing the boss’ sword? Did he have a death wish?”

“Who knows? The cat was crazy. She was a fool to trust him.”

As J’Zhirr travels further into Frostmere Crypt, he overhears other conversations about Kyr, the bandit leader. Kyr had ordered that nobody goes in or out of the crypt until he returns. Other bandits mentioned that Kyr chased Ra’jirr deeper into the crypt and that they had never seen Kyr so angry.

There is a general sense of unease among the bandits.

One says, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this… something’s just felt wrong down there lately. Eerie.”

His friend replies, “Now you’re sounding as crazy as the cat. Be going on about the Pale Lady next.”

Frostmere Crypt

Frostmere Crypt

Dear Mother,

The encounter with Eisa Blackthorn triggers this one’s curiosity and he decides explore Frostmere Crypt to find out what happened. J’Zhirr finds a note on the dead bandits about a bounty on Eisa and Ra’jirr. Someone called Kyr is offering a hundred gold for their heads.

Caged tunnel

Caged tunnel

Dear Mother,

There are several closed gates. J’Zhirr pulls the chain of the nearest one and hears a loud crash. Peering into the tunnel behind the now opened gate, J’Zhirr spies a draugr standing in front of a opened coffin. The tunnel is lined on both sides with metal bars, so that there is only one way in and out.