Forge at Broken Oar Grotto


Broken Oar Grotto 11

Dear Mother,

A blacksmith workshop lies just outside Captain Hargar’s room. This is a problem.

The Blackblood Marauder that tends to the flame is always there. He is forever crafting and mending something. The bandits must be pretty active to always have broken swords and armor to mend, or they are just lousy fighters. Whatever the case, this is a problem.

J’Zhirr is confident of sneaking past the bandit blacksmith, but this one also knows that the bandit will run to join the fight once he hears J’Zhirr attacking his captain. Two against one are odds that J’Zhirr does not like.


Captain Hargar

Broken Oar Grotto 10

Dear Mother,

Captain Hargar, leader of the Blackblood Marauders, can be found in the cabin at the top. J’Zhirr sees him sometimes pacing the room, sometimes sitting down at the table to count his coins. Because of the angle, J’Zhirr thinks there is little chance of hitting him with an arrow. And Captain Hargar never leaves the room, so that means this one will have to find some way to get close to him. J’Zhirr guesses it can’t be help, if the mountain won’t come…

Broken Oar Grotto 9

Dear Mother,

A few decks above him, J’Zhirr spots another Blackblood Marauder patrolling the stairs leading up to the bandit leader’s room. As J’Zhirr watches him from the shadows, it starts to rain. The rain falls through the hole above the structure, replenishing the river in the cavern below. The bandit is not affected by the rain and continues to stand guard. It does not seem possible to sneak past him.

Toasty snacks

Broken Oar Grotto 8

Dear Mother,

The Blackblood Marauder patrolling the store on the lower deck must be feeling a bit peckish. J’Zhirr finds some vegetables and bread toasting on an open fire that is along the bandit’s patrol route. During the bandit’s patrols, he often stops by the fire to check if his food is cooked.

Boat house

Broken Oar Grotto 6

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr exits from the tunnel and finds himself facing a structure made out of the bodies of boats. It seems that rather than letting the trapped boats rot, the bandits have decided to put it to good use by turning them into buildings. This is the most magnificent structure in the cavern and J’Zhirr has no doubt that he will find the leader of the Blackblood Marauders there.