Serana talks about her mother

Serana with Castle Volkihar in the background

Dear Mother,

Before Serana’s father became obsessed with the prophecy, she and her mother spent quite a bit of time together. Her mother was very fond her alchemical garden in the castle courtyard and taught Serana quite a bit about cultivating quality reagents. She and her mother were like the best of friends. Then it all changed very suddenly.

Serana says, “It was almost like one day we were a normal family, and then the next I didn’t know who they were. I’d try to visit my mother in the garden, and she’d quickly shoo me away saying she was much too busy. She had to be up to something in that garden. I’m hoping it’s a clue that will tell us where she went.”


Dangerous dance

Dangerous dance

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr lost Serana during the dragon chase. Even after the dragon was defeated, there is still no sight of her. This one decides to continue on the journey. Serana knows where is our destination so J’Zhirr is sure that she will meet up with him there.

J’Zhirr walks along the coast, collecting spiky grass pods along the way. When he wanders too near a camp, the bandits come running to attack. J’Zhirr unsheathes his swords, but faster is a black figure who runs ahead, firing spells at the enemies. A familiar voice confirms the identity of J’Zhirr’s guardian angel.

Serana has some ideas


Dear Mother,

After Isran leads Dexion Evicus away to get some rest, Serana asks J’Zhirr quietly if he has a moment to talk. She has some ideas about where we can start looking for the other two Elder Scrolls.

Serana says that we need to find her mother, Valerica. She believes her mother will know where the Elder Scroll is. Serana says, “The last time I saw her, she said that she’d go somewher safe… somewhere that my father would never search. Other than that, she wouldn’t tell me anything. But the way she said it… ‘someplace he would never search.’ It was cryptic, yet she called attention to it.”

After some discussion, we decided to go to Castle Volkihar. No one would search their own home, right?

Reading the Elder Scroll

Reading the Elder Scroll

Dear Mother,

Dexion Evicus had reached Fort Dawnguard safely. Now that he is out of danger, he seems to be in a good mood.

“Ah, my rescuer! It’s good to see you again,” Dexion greets this one. “My trip to Skyrim has become quite the adventure!”

Dexion seems to be well treated even though he admits, “It’s not exactly the hospitality I’m used to, but your man Isran has seen to my needs well enough. And might I add, this is a remarkable fortress. I have colleagues back home that would love to study this place in detail.”

Wait, “your man Isran”? Did Dexion thinks that Isran works for J’Zhirr? Better not let Isran hear that.

Dexion is ready to read the Elder Scroll. J’Zhirr tries to peek over his shoulder but all he sees is a drawing. Yet Dexion seems to understand what the drawing is trying to convey.

Dexion says, “I see a vision before me, an image of a great bow. I know this weapon! It is Auriel’s Bow! Now a voice whispers, saying ‘Among the night’s children, a dread lord will rise. In an age of strife, when dragons return to the realm of men, darkness will mingle with light and the night and the day will be as one.’ The voice fades and the words begin to shimmer and distort. But wait, there is more here. The secret of the bow’s power is written elsewhere. I think there is more to the prophecy, recorded in other scrolls. Yes, I see them now… One contains the ancient secrets of the dragons, and the other speaks of the potency of ancient blood. My vision darkens, and I see no more.”

Magic battle at Fort Kastav

Magic battle at Fort Kastav

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr refuses to pay Alfarinn and Serana has no money, so we are going to the College of Winterhold. Hopefully they will not ask much gold for the information.

As we pass by Fort Kastav, an Arch Conjurer┬áruns out and attacks us. He is soon joined by a necromancer. These crazy people, we are just passing through and not going near the fort at all. However, it’s their mistake for Serana makes short work of them.

You, me and a vampire named Serana

You Me and a Vampire

Dear Mother,

Isran tells J’Zhirr to follow as he leads the way to the torture room. J’Zhirr breathes a sigh of relief when he sees that Serana is unharmed. Given Isran’s hatred for vampires, J’Zhirr was afraid that he might kill her before listening to what she has to say.

Isran says that Serana showed up one day, saying that she had something really important to tell J’Zhirr. (Isran refers to Serana as “it”. Guess this shows how highly he thinks of vampires.)

Serana says, “It’s important, so please just listen before your friend, here, loses his patience. It’s… well, ┬áit’s about me. And the Elder Scroll that was buried with me.” To cut a long story short, Serana’s father stumbled onto an obscure prophecy and became obsessed with it. The prophecy said that vampires would no longer need to fear the sun. Serana and her mother tried to stop him and as a result, Serana was sealed away with the scroll.

J’Zhirr can see why that is a big problem. If vampires no longer fear the sun, it could throw the whole world into chaos.

Isran still wants to kill Serana, even after J’Zhirr tries to get him to see the bigger picture. Isran only agrees to let Serana lives after J’Zhirr vouched for her. Isran tells Serana, “Don’t feel like a guest, because you’re not. You’re a resource. You’re an asset. In the meantime, don’t make me regret my sudden outburst of tolerance and generosity, because if you do, your friend here is going to pay for it.”

Serana smiles sweetly, “Thank you for your kindness. I’ll remember it the next time I’m feeling hungry.”

That girl has got some spunk in her.