Horse skull

Arvak found

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr sees a structure surrounded by ghosts. When he goes near it, they suddenly turned into mistmen. With Serana‘s help, he makes short work of them.

Now that the enemies are disposed of, J’Zhirr takes a look at the structure. Right in the center is a pedestal, on which sits a horse skull. Might this be the horse that J’Zhirr is tasked to find?




Dear Mother,

We finally find Serana’s mother, Valerica, trapped in the ruins. At first Valerica views this one with suspicion, but Serana vouches for J’Zhirr. She says, “This ‘stranger’ has done more for me in the brief time I’ve known him than you’ve done in centuries!”

Of course this makes Valerica angry. She shouts, “How dare you! I gave up everything I cared about to protect you from that fanatic you call a father!”

Serana retorts, “So to protect me you decided to shut me away from everything I cared about? You never asked me if hiding me in that tomb was the best course of action, you just expected me to follow you blindly. Both of you are obsessed with your own paths. Your motivations might have been different, but in the end, I’m still just a pawn to you too. I want us to be a family again. But I don’t know if we can ever have that. Maybe we don’t deserve that kind of happiness. Maybe it isn’t for us. But we have to stop him. Before he goes too far. And to do that, we need the Elder Scroll.”

Serana’s speech opened her mother’s eyes and Valerica apologizes, “I’m sorry, Serana. I didn’t know… I didn’t see.”

Headless warrior

Headless warrior

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr enters one of the black buildings that littered the Soul Cairn. It has a glowing tower and at the bottom of it are some motionless people. A beam of light exits from them and enter the tower. J’Zhirr tries talking to them but they ignore him.

As this one puzzles about what to do next, he hears Serana cries out. J’Zhirr immediately runs to help and sees that she is fighting a headless warrior. He must be the one guarding this tower. After we defeated him, the tower turns dark and the people disappear.

There seems nothing else that we can do here.


Boneman attacks

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr is talking to a soul when he suddenly feels a sharp pain. Turning around he sees a boneman. How rude to interrupt another person’s conversation.

As the boneman raises his sword to attack again, Serana blasts him with magic. J’Zhirr turns to thank Serana and spots another boneman sneaking up behind her.

Door to Soul Cairn

Opening the portal

Dear Mother,

It works! The circle on the floor opens up after Serana adds her blood to the ingredients.

J’Zhirr wonders what Serana will do if we find her mother. It turns out, Serana is asking herself the same thing. She says of her mother, “She always seemed happy, before we heard the prophecy. Then it all changed. She become a different person. They both did.”

This one guesses that we will never know why Serana’s mother did the things she did until we find her.

Adding a little vampire blood

Adding a little vampire blood

Dear Mother,

Serana says we will need a sample of her mother’s blood. However, with her mother being in the Soul Cairn, it seems impossible to obtain her blood. J’Zhirr suggests that since Serana shares her mother’s blood, we can substitute her mother’s blood with hers.

Serana says, “Hmmm. Not bad. We’d better hope that’s good enough. Mistakes with these kind of portals can be… gruesome.”

With that warning in mind, J’Zhirr combed the laboratory for the ingredients. Luckily Serana’s mother kept a sample of all the ingredients (except the blood) in the laboratory. It’s almost as if she kept them for Serana to follow her.