Elder Scroll (Blood)

Elder scroll blood

Dear Mother,

Valerica unlocks the chest and lets J’Zhirr takes the Elder Scroll.

J’Zhirr is surprised that Valerica is staying back in the Soul Cairn. She says, “I have no choice. As I told you before, I’m a Daughter of Coldharbour. If I return to Tamriel, that increases Harkon’s likelihood of bringing the Tyranny of the Sun to fruition.”

J’Zhirr promises to return for Valerica when all these is over. She says, “I appreciate your concern for me, but Serana is all that I care about. You must keep her safe at all costs. She’s the only thing of value I have left.”




Dear Mother,

The death of the last Keeper frees Valerica from her prison. She bides J’Zhirr to follow her into the building. She also warns him to keep an eye out for Durnehviir. Valerica says that with the prison’s barrier down, Durnehviir is certain to investigate.

As Valercia enter the big courtyard within, Durnehviir appears in the sky. He is a great undead dragon. His body is in states of decomposition and there seems to be an ooze dripping from his mouth.

Durnehviir flies around, occasionally summoning bonemen to join his fight. However between the three of us, we managed to defeat him. Valerica is astonished as she did not think that she would witness the death of Durnehviir.

Valercia says, “Volumes written on Durnehviir allege that he can’t be slain by normal means. It appears they were mistaken. Unless…” Valerica ponders and continues, “The soul of a dragon is as resilient as its owner’s scaly hide. It’s possible that your killing blow has merely displaced Durnehviir’s physical form while he reconstitutes himself.”

With that uneasy thought,we hurry to collect the Elder Scroll.

The last Keeper

Last keeper

Dear Mother,

The last keeper is not easy to find. The last Keeper is hidden on an unaccessible ledge. J’Zhirr has to use a portal to teleport him to the ledge. The soul-draining tower is the biggest J’Zhirr had seen and there are more souls being drained this time.

J’Zhirr has to be careful to stay out of range of the Keeper’s bow for in his weaken state, the Keeper can easily one shot this one. After all this is over, J’Zhirr must find a way to get back the other half of his soul and regain his strength.

Arvak’s owner

Return horse skull

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr takes the skull. Perhaps its owner would know what to do with it.┬áBy luck, J’Zhirr finds a familiar-looking soul nearby.

Upon seeing the skull, he says, “Arvak… You saved him! His soul is free, I can feel it!” He continues, “He’s such a loyal beast. Here, I’ll teach you how to call him to you. He’ll help you get around this wretched place, but I’m such he’d be much happier someplace sunnier. Goodbye, hero! Take good care of Arvak for me! Such a good horse…”

J’Zhirr wonders what the people of Skyrim will make of Arvak.

Horse skull

Arvak found

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr sees a structure surrounded by ghosts. When he goes near it, they suddenly turned into mistmen. With Serana‘s help, he makes short work of them.

Now that the enemies are disposed of, J’Zhirr takes a look at the structure. Right in the center is a pedestal, on which sits a horse skull. Might this be the horse that J’Zhirr is tasked to find?



Dear Mother,

Mistmen are floating, legless skeletons found in the Soul Cairn. They are like mages to the warrior bonemen. They remain J’Zhirr of the corrupted shades he encountered previously but without helmets.

The mistmen are a nuisance as they are able to hurl ice spikes from long distances. Those ice spikes hurt!