Dear Mother,

The death of the last Keeper frees Valerica from her prison. She bides J’Zhirr to follow her into the building. She also warns him to keep an eye out for Durnehviir. Valerica says that with the prison’s barrier down, Durnehviir is certain to investigate.

As Valercia enter the big courtyard within, Durnehviir appears in the sky. He is a great undead dragon. His body is in states of decomposition and there seems to be an ooze dripping from his mouth.

Durnehviir flies around, occasionally summoning bonemen to join his fight. However between the three of us, we managed to defeat him. Valerica is astonished as she did not think that she would witness the death of Durnehviir.

Valercia says, “Volumes written on Durnehviir allege that he can’t be slain by normal means. It appears they were mistaken. Unless…” Valerica ponders and continues, “The soul of a dragon is as resilient as its owner’s scaly hide. It’s possible that your killing blow has merely displaced Durnehviir’s physical form while he reconstitutes himself.”

With that uneasy thought,we hurry to collect the Elder Scroll.


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