Magic battle at Fort Kastav

Magic battle at Fort Kastav

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr refuses to pay Alfarinn and Serana has no money, so we are going to the College of Winterhold. Hopefully they will not ask much gold for the information.

As we pass by Fort Kastav, an Arch Conjurer runs out and attacks us. He is soon joined by a necromancer. These crazy people, we are just passing through and not going near the fort at all. However, it’s their mistake for Serana makes short work of them.

Asking Alfarinn


Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr asks Alfarinn if he has seen a Moth Priest.

Alfarinn asks, “That’s one of them Imperial scholars, right? Old man with a gray robe?”

That sounds about right. J’Zhirr asks if Alfarinn has seen him.

Alfarinn says, “Might be that I have, but I can’t say for sure. I got enough troubles on my mind just tryin’ to scrape by out here.”

J’Zhirr tries to persuade Alfarinn but he stands firm. “Can’t help you, friend. I might remember better if my pockets weren’t so light.” He wants almost 400 gold for the information.

That money-grabbing horse driver. J’Zhirr is not sure whether the information is worth it.

Elf attacks

Elf attacks

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr is just walking down the road, minding his own business when a crazy elf jumps out and attacks. He casts lightning bolts and conjures up wild beasts to fight at his side. Luckily Serana is around for her draining powers make short work of the elf. Travelling with a powerful vampire has its perks.

A little sun flare

Sun flare

Dear Mother,

Serana suggests going to the College of Winterhold. She says, “Well, back before I… you know. The College of Winterhold was the first place I’d think to go for any kind of magic or historical thing. The wizards know about all kinds of things that people probably shouldn’t know about.”

So that’s where we are heading. It is day and Serana puts up her hood to shield herself from the sun. She complains that it is too bright and she does not know how J’Zhirr can stand it.

But J’Zhirr likes the brightness. It reminds J’Zhirr of Elsweyr, although the sun in Elsweyr is much brighter and hotter.

On a dragon’s head

On a dragon's head

Dear Mother,

Stepping out of Dayspring Canyon, Serana sees a dragon flying overhead and fires a ice bolt at it. Before J’Zhirr realizes what is happening, the dragon lands and starts attacking Serana. J’Zhirr rushes to help. This one swings his dual swords while Serana casts lightning bolts at the dragon. Seizing the opportunity, J’Zhirr jumps onto the dragon’s head and starts wildly slashing. Within a short time, the dragon is dead.

Having Serana around really makes the fight much easier.

Tilde guarding Fort Dawnguard

Dear Mother,

Tilde guards the front gate of Fort Dawnguard. She says, “Now that the Dawnguard are back, the vampires reign of terror is about to end.”

Two guards? Isran is really stepping up on security.

Fun fact: Vori and Tilde are supposedly former bandits. “Supposedly” because neither of them ever talked about their past with J’Zhirr so he does not know how truth are the rumors.