Reading the Elder Scroll

Reading the Elder Scroll

Dear Mother,

Dexion Evicus had reached Fort Dawnguard safely. Now that he is out of danger, he seems to be in a good mood.

“Ah, my rescuer! It’s good to see you again,” Dexion greets this one. “My trip to Skyrim has become quite the adventure!”

Dexion seems to be well treated even though he admits, “It’s not exactly the hospitality I’m used to, but your man Isran has seen to my needs well enough. And might I add, this is a remarkable fortress. I have colleagues back home that would love to study this place in detail.”

Wait, “your man Isran”? Did Dexion thinks that Isran works for J’Zhirr? Better not let Isran hear that.

Dexion is ready to read the Elder Scroll. J’Zhirr tries to peek over his shoulder but all he sees is a drawing. Yet Dexion seems to understand what the drawing is trying to convey.

Dexion says, “I see a vision before me, an image of a great bow. I know this weapon! It is Auriel’s Bow! Now a voice whispers, saying ‘Among the night’s children, a dread lord will rise. In an age of strife, when dragons return to the realm of men, darkness will mingle with light and the night and the day will be as one.’ The voice fades and the words begin to shimmer and distort. But wait, there is more here. The secret of the bow’s power is written elsewhere. I think there is more to the prophecy, recorded in other scrolls. Yes, I see them now… One contains the ancient secrets of the dragons, and the other speaks of the potency of ancient blood. My vision darkens, and I see no more.”


You, me and a vampire named Serana

You Me and a Vampire

Dear Mother,

Isran tells J’Zhirr to follow as he leads the way to the torture room. J’Zhirr breathes a sigh of relief when he sees that Serana is unharmed. Given Isran’s hatred for vampires, J’Zhirr was afraid that he might kill her before listening to what she has to say.

Isran says that Serana showed up one day, saying that she had something really important to tell J’Zhirr. (Isran refers to Serana as “it”. Guess this shows how highly he thinks of vampires.)

Serana says, “It’s important, so please just listen before your friend, here, loses his patience. It’s… well, ┬áit’s about me. And the Elder Scroll that was buried with me.” To cut a long story short, Serana’s father stumbled onto an obscure prophecy and became obsessed with it. The prophecy said that vampires would no longer need to fear the sun. Serana and her mother tried to stop him and as a result, Serana was sealed away with the scroll.

J’Zhirr can see why that is a big problem. If vampires no longer fear the sun, it could throw the whole world into chaos.

Isran still wants to kill Serana, even after J’Zhirr tries to get him to see the bigger picture. Isran only agrees to let Serana lives after J’Zhirr vouched for her. Isran tells Serana, “Don’t feel like a guest, because you’re not. You’re a resource. You’re an asset. In the meantime, don’t make me regret my sudden outburst of tolerance and generosity, because if you do, your friend here is going to pay for it.”

Serana smiles sweetly, “Thank you for your kindness. I’ll remember it the next time I’m feeling hungry.”

That girl has got some spunk in her.

Isran gives a speech

Isran giving a speech

Dear Mother,

Once we have passed Isran’s vampire test, he gives a speech welcoming us.

He says, “So, welcome to Fort Dawnguard. I’m sure you’ve heard a bit of what we’re up against. Powerful vampires, unlike anything we’ve seen before. And they have an Elder Scroll. If anyone is going to stand in their way, it’s going to be us.”

Sorine Jurard isn’t┬áimpressed with Isran’s speech. She says, “This is all well and good, but do we actually know anything about what they’re doing? What do we do now?”

Isran seems a bif miffed at Sorine’s reaction, “We’ll get to that. For now, get acquainted with the space.” Then he assigns Sorine to start working on her crossbow design and Gunmar to get some trolls ready.

Isran looks at J’Zhirr, “In the meantime, we’re going to get to the bottom of why a vampire showed up here looking for you. Let’s go have a little chat with it, shall we?”

Vampire test

Vampire test

Dear Mother,

Gunmar and Sorine Jurard are already waiting inside the fort. Isran is standing on the second floor, looking down at all of us.

Gunmar shouts up, “All right Isran, you’ve got us all here. Now what do you want?

Then a beam of light appears, shining down on us. It’s as if Isran somehow managed to bottle up sunlight and released it indoors.

Sorine asks, “What are you doing?”

Isran explains that it is a test for vampires. He adds, “Can’t be too careful.”

Vampire attack

Isran and Celann fight vampires

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr returns to Fort Dawnguard. He is surprised to find Isran and Celann fighting some vampires. As Isran had kept the location secret, J’Zhirr wonders how the vampires managed to find the place. Isran and Celann kills them easily but J’Zhirr helps too.

Isran believes that the vampires manages to find Fort Dawnguard because they have been openly recruiting. He will have to step up their defenses. J’Zhirr did not bring good news either. Isran listens as this one tells him about Serana and the Elder Scroll.

When J’Zhirr ends his tale, Isran says, “So they have everything they wanted, and we’re left with nothing. By the Divines, this couldn’t get much worse. This is more than you can I can handle.”

He continues, “If they’re bold enough to attack us here, this may be bigger than I thought. I have good men here, but… There are people I’ve met and worked with over the years. We need their skills, their talents, if we’re going to survive this.”

Agmaer learns to shoot

Isran teaching Agmaer how to shoot a crossbow

Dear Mother,

Although Isran laughs at Agmaer, he seems to have taken a liking to the farm boy. After he stops laughing, Isran says, “Don’t worry, I think we can make a Dawnguard out of you.” He gives Agmaer a crossbow and says, “Let’s see how you shoot.”

Agmaer looks hesitant. He has never used one before.

“Yes, a crossbow,” Isran replies. “Best thing for killing vampires. Just take a few shots at those crates over there.”

J’Zhirr waits, and waits, and waits. But Isran is so focused on teaching Agmaer how to use a crossbow that he forgets all about J’Zhirr. This one will have to interrupt him.