Old water cistern

Old water cistern beneath Castle Volkihar

Dear Mother,

A door at the doors leads to the old water cistern beneath Castle Volkihar. Serana tells J’Zhirr to be glad that he isn’t around when it smells. A door leads to small balcony that overlooks the water cistern. Standing on the balcony, J’Zhirr observes at least three death hounds wandering around the area.

A feral vampire appears when J’Zhirr was fighting the death hounds, but the she is no match for Serana. Based on a journal fragment dropped by her, it seems that she was an outcast and secretly moved to live in the undercroft, waiting for an opportunity to take revenge.


Volkihar Docks

Volkihar Docks

Dear Mother,

Serana and J’Zhirr take the boat to Castle Volkihar. However, instead of going up to the front door, we circle round the castle to the docks on the northern side.

The docks is built into an inlet which protects it form the pounding waves. One can reach theĀ docks via a narrow line of rocks along the edge of the shore. J’Zhirr walks carefully as the waves splash across them, sometimes obscuring them from view for a few seconds.

Serana talks about her mother

Serana with Castle Volkihar in the background

Dear Mother,

Before Serana’s father became obsessed with the prophecy, she and her mother spent quite a bit of time together. Her mother was very fond her alchemical garden in the castle courtyard and taught Serana quite a bit about cultivating quality reagents. She and her mother were like the best of friends. Then it all changed very suddenly.

Serana says, “It was almost like one day we were a normal family, and then the next I didn’t know who they were. I’d try to visit my mother in the garden, and she’d quickly shoo me away saying she was much too busy. She had to be up to something in that garden. I’m hoping it’s a clue that will tell us where she went.”

Dangerous dance

Dangerous dance

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr lost Serana during the dragon chase. Even after the dragon was defeated, there is still no sight of her. This one decides to continue on the journey. Serana knows where is our destination so J’Zhirr is sure that she will meet up with him there.

J’Zhirr walks along the coast, collecting spiky grass pods along the way. When he wanders too near a camp, the bandits come running to attack. J’Zhirr unsheathes his swords, but faster is a black figure who runs ahead, firing spells at the enemies. A familiar voice confirms the identity of J’Zhirr’s guardian angel.

Blood dragon attacking Thalmor Embassy

Dragon attacking Thalmor Embassy

Dear Mother,

A blood dragon flies down and blast J’Zhirr with a a breath of frost. When it flies away, J’Zhirr and Serana chase after it. Somewhere along the way, J’Zhirr lost Serana.

This one follows the dragon to the Thalmor Embassy. The dragon starts attacking the embassy. It must really dislike the Aldmeri Dominion.

Catching up with the Moth Priest

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr follows in the direction pointed out by the Haafingar guard, hoping to catch up with the Moth Priest. After he crosses Dragon Bridge, he finds a overturned carriage with a dead horse and two dead people.

No, wait, one dead Imperial and one dead vampire. J’Zhirr finds a note on the vampire. The note says:

I have new orders for you.

Prepare an ambush just south of the Dragon Bridge. Take the Moth Priest to the Forebears’ Holdout for safekeeping until I can break his will.

– Malkus

J’Zhirr is about to ask Serana is she knows where is the Forebears’ Holdout when this one notices blood drops on the ground, leading away from the carriage.