J’Zhirr at Riverwood entrance

Entrance of Riverwood

Dear Mother,

It has been a while since J’Zhirr wrote to you. Do not worry, J’Zhirr is alive and well.

Remember J’Zhirr said that he is going to join a trade caravan heading for Skyrim? J’Zhirr was there when it crossed the border and was attacked by the Imperial soldiers. Everyone was going to be executed but the sudden appearance of a dragon created an opportunity for J’Zhirr to escape. There is an old saying that everybody becomes friends against a common enemy. J’Zhirr now knows it is true. A friendly Imperial soldier untied J’Zhirr’s bounds and J’Zhirr followed him to Riverwood.

Goodbye, Mother. J’Zhirr is tired and needs to rest. J’Zhirr had ran all the way from Helgen to Riverwood.