Dear Mother,

Erandur reads the book and says that using a potion called Vaermina’s Torpor can help us past the blue barrier. Erandur says it is alchemy and blessings of a Divine distilled down into a indigestible  liquid. Drinking the potion grants an ability called “The Dreamstride”, using dreams to travel distances in the real world.

Erandur still has the key to the laboratory so we proceed there to look for the potion. The laboratory is full of sleeping priests and orcs who continue their fight once they wake up. Big surprise.

J’Zhirr finds the last bottle of Vaermina’s Torpor. Erandur says that although the Dreamstride is well-known in Vaerminian Lore, he has yet to see it function in person. The potion will also only work for the priests of Vaermina or the unaffliliated. As a sworn priest of Mara, the potion will not work for Erandur, which means that J’Zhirr will have to drink it. How convenient for Erandur.

It is said that fortune favors the brave. Bottoms up!