Vampire attack

Isran and Celann fight vampires

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr returns to Fort Dawnguard. He is surprised to find Isran and Celann fighting some vampires. As Isran had kept the location secret, J’Zhirr wonders how the vampires managed to find the place. Isran and Celann kills them easily but J’Zhirr helps too.

Isran believes that the vampires manages to find Fort Dawnguard because they have been openly recruiting. He will have to step up their defenses. J’Zhirr did not bring good news either. Isran listens as this one tells him about Serana and the Elder Scroll.

When J’Zhirr ends his tale, Isran says, “So they have everything they wanted, and we’re left with nothing. By the Divines, this couldn’t get much worse. This is more than you can I can handle.”

He continues, “If they’re bold enough to attack us here, this may be bigger than I thought. I have good men here, but… There are people I’ve met and worked with over the years. We need their skills, their talents, if we’re going to survive this.”


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