Brand-Shei in trouble

Brand Shei in trouble

Dear Mother,

Once Brynjolf sees that Madesi’s ring has been safely deposited in Brand-Shei’s pocket, he stops his sales pitch. The crowd disperses and Brand-Shei goes back to man his stall. J’Zhirr lingers nearby to see what will happen.

Almost immediately, a guard goes up to Brand-Shei and demands that he turns out his pockets. “What in blazes are you talking about?” Brand-Shei asks as he searches his pockets. He find the Madesi’s ring and holds it up. “What’s this ring? This isn’t mine!” he cries.

“That’s right. It isn’t yours,” the guard replies sarcastically and places Brand-Shei under arrest. Brand-Shei protests but the guard is not in the mood to listen. He says, “We can do this one of two ways. You can walk with me up to the keep, or I can drag your lifeless body. Your choice.” HIs words immediately shuts Brand-Shei up.