Dear Mother,

Rune is a fellow thief. His story shares many similarities with Brand-Shei.

Like Brand-Shei, Rune is an orphan. Rune says his name was given by his father, a fisherman, who found him as a young boy in the wreckage of a ship that sank off of the coast near Solitude. All the fisherman found in the boy’s pocket was a tiny smooth stone inscribed with some sort of strange runes so he named the boy “Rune”.

Like Brand-Shei, Rune kept the name given by the man who adopted him. Rune says that he never changed it as it does not feel right to do so.

Rune believes that the stone he was found with might reveal a clue about his past. Rune spent every last coin he made with the Guild trying to find out what was written on the stone, but no one knows what the inscriptions mean, not even the mages at the College of Winterhold. Rune acknowledges that there is a possibility that the strange inscriptions on the stone might be just inane scribbles done by someone in idle boredom. He says, “But if not… if they actually mean something, they might tell me where I’m from… what ship was I on. Everything.”



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