Back to Urag gro-Shub again

Orc librarian

Dear Mother,

Urag gro-Shub is at his usual position behind the library counter. J’Zhirr tries asking Urag go-Shub for help in finding the second Elder Scroll.

Urag gro-Shub asks, “And what do you plan to do with it? Do you even know what you’re asking about? You think that even if I did have one here, I would let you see it? It would be kept under the highest security. The greatest thief in the world wouldn’t be able to lay a finger on it.”

J’Zhirr persists and Urag gro-Shub relents. He says, “What we do have are plenty of books. I’ll bring everything we have on them, but it’s not much. So don’t get your hopes up. It’s mostly lies, leavened with rumor and conjecture.”


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