Phinis Gestor

Phinis Gestor

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr runs in Phinis Gestor at the College of Winterhold’s library. He is one of the teachers at the college and specializes in conjuration.

Seeing J’Zhirr, Phinis says, “If you require assistance with summoning techniques, please let me know. If you would, please also contain your summons to the College grounds. The locals do not need to be agitated further by Atronachs roaming their town. The summoning of undead is even less advisable outside the College.”

J’Zhirr is amazed at the mention of necromancy. Is it not forbidden magic?

“By Shear, no,” Phinis replies. “Those archaic policies died out with the Mages Guild, and were never enforced here. Necromancy, as any other type of magic, is a tool to be used. Of course, non-mages may not see it that way, so we don’t go around flaunting it.”


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