Helgird at the cemetery

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr visits Helgird, a priestess of Arkay, who has taken Susanna’s body to the Hall of the Dead to prepare her for burial. The guard warns this one that Helgird is a little crazy, but if she knows anything, it’s bead bodies.

Helgird has a weird sense of humor. When J’Zhirr asks whether Helgrid has noticed anything strange about Susanna’s body, Helgrid replies, “Well, she’s dead. But I guess that’s not unusual, at least not for somebody in here. I mean, someone who’s not me, that is. Sorry, was only joking with you.”

She then says that the shape of the cuts found on the body indicates a curved blade, similar to the ones used by ancient Nords when they embalmed their dead. Other then herself, Helgrid does not know anyone in Windhelm who owns the ancient embalming tool.


A murder mystery

Third girl found murdered

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr finds the layout of Windhlem confusing. The tall stone walls and narrow streets makes it difficult for this one to get his bearings.

J’Zhirr takes a wrong turn and ends up in the cemetery. A small group of people have gathered around a body of a woman. A female guard says that Susanna from Candlehearth Hall has been found murdered. She says that this is the third victim and killed in the same way as the others. One person heard Susanna’s scream and another thought he saw a fellow running away. But as in the previous murders, nobody saw anything that is of use.

J’Zhirr wants to help as Susanna was one of the friendlier faces in Windhelm. Besides, the guard says that they are stretched thin because of the war and nobody has the time to spend investigating it. She says resignedly, “Not pleasant, but it’s the truth.”