Spiders in Fort Greenwall prison

Spiders in Fort Greenwall prison

Dear Mother,

Is it any surprise that J’Zhirr finds a nest of frostbite spiders deeper in the prison? It is an easy task to get rid of the spiders for they are too big to go up the stairs. J’Zhirr just needs to stand at the stairs and shoot arrows at them. However this one should be grateful to the spiders for they got rid of the bandits that ventured down to the lower levels of the prison. What is it they say? The enemy of my enemy…


Cobweb stairs

Webby stairs

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr finds another set of stairs leading downwards. This time the stairs are covered with thick cobwebs. J’Zhirr initially uses his sword to slash through it but later on, this one decides that using fire is faster, and there is no need to clean the webbing from the sword afterwards.

This one guesses we all know what creatures lies in wait behind the cobwebs.

Bandits in the prison

Bandits in the prison

Dear Mother,

A door from the captain quarters leads down to the prison. Perhaps the previous captain that lives at Fort Greenwall likes to have direct access to his prisoners?

J’Zhirr proceeds cautiously down the stairs. It is a good thing that he does so, for soon he hears the voice of a bandit. The bandit complains about not having enough gold and hoping that the next haul will be enough. Money is never enough to some people.

Flowers for the dead

A moment of slience

Dear Mother,

In a large room, J’Zhirr finds the bodies of two dead Khajiits among the carts and their scattered contents. They were obviously traders who were attacked by the bandits and killed for their wares. J’Zhirr lays some flowers at their feet and says a quiet prayer for them. May their souls find the way back to warm lands of Elsweyr.

Pheasant and rabbits hanging in a row

Pheasant and rabbits hanging in a row

Dear Mother,

This seems to be a profitable location for the bandits. J’Zhirr finds the kitchen well stocked with food. There are pheasants and rabbits hanging in the kitchen, ready to be skinned and added into a stew. Great big yellow wheels of cheese line the shelves and the barrels are filled to the brim. Of course there are also many bottles of mead. Bandits love their drink.