Dexion Evicus

Dexion Evicus

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr manages to break Malkus’ spell over the Moth Priest. Now that J’Zhirr can take a closer look at the Moth Priest, this one is surprised. Aren’t all Moth Priests blind?

Freed, the Moth Priest Dexion Evicus introduces himself and confirms that he is alright. He says, “I could see through my eyes, but I could not control my actions. Thank you for breaking that foul vampire’s hold over me. I owe you a debt for the timely rescue.”

When J’Zhirr tells Dexion about the Elder Scroll, Dexion becomes excited. He exclaims, “You have an Elder Scroll? Remarkable!” He agrees to meet us at Fort Dawnguard to decipher the Elder Scroll.


Enthralled Moth Priest

Entralled Moth Priest

Dear Mother,

Killing Malkus disperses the spell that keeps the Moth Priest trapped. However, it seems that Malkus succeeded in breaking the Moth Priest’s will and even Malkus’ death did not end his hold.

The Moth Priest runs around, looking for the person who killed his master. J’Zhirr has no choice but to fight him. This one will have to do it carefully for he does not want to injure the Moth Priest so much that he dies.

Prison of the Moth Priest

Moth Priest's prison

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr manages to dispose of the thralls quietly. As he continues up the stairs, he hears Malkus speaking.

Malkus says, “How much longer can you keep this up, Moth Priest? Your mind was strong, but you’re exhausted from the struggle. Yes, I can feel your defenses crumbling. You want it to end. You want to give in to me. Now, acknowledge me as your master!”

J’Zhirr peers over the top of the stairs and sees Malkus, a vampire and a vampire thrall. This one better do something before Malkus breaks the Moth Priest’s will.

Vampire thrall at Forebears’ Holdout

Vampire thrall at Forebears' Holdout

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr tells Serana to wait while he move slowly and quietly towards to the fire. He had seen movements close to the fire and he does not want Serana rushing in to the fight as if she is a barbarian.

J’Zhirr takes care to stay at the edges so he will be lit by the fire. He sees a man and woman. By the looks of their dressing, they seemed to be the Forsworn. This one is confused. Is the Forsworn and vampires working together? Then he realizes that the people he is looking at are vampire thralls.

Night Eye ability

Night eye

Dear Mother,

Forebears’ Holdout is very dark. It’s so dark that the blackness is suffocating. J’Zhirr can hardly see beyond a few feet in front of him. Luckily Khajiits are naturally blessed with Night Eye so J’Zhirr can see without needing to use a torch. The problem is that the Night Eye ability turns everything black and white.

Entrance to Forebears’ Holdout

Forebears' holdout entrance

Dear Mother,

The blood trail ends at the entrance of a cave. There is a blood-stained rock outside the entrance, showing where the vampire kidnappers went. It seems strange that the vampires are hiding in a cave, but this is probably just a temporary location for them. There was a lot of blood spilled  and J’Zhirr hopes the Moth Priest is still alive.