Dexion Evicus

Dexion Evicus

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr manages to break Malkus’ spell over the Moth Priest. Now that J’Zhirr can take a closer look at the Moth Priest, this one is surprised. Aren’t all Moth Priests blind?

Freed, the Moth Priest Dexion Evicus introduces himself and confirms that he is alright. He says, “I could see through my eyes, but I could not control my actions. Thank you for breaking that foul vampire’s hold over me. I owe you a debt for the timely rescue.”

When J’Zhirr tells Dexion about the Elder Scroll, Dexion becomes excited. He exclaims, “You have an Elder Scroll? Remarkable!” He agrees to meet us at Fort Dawnguard to decipher the Elder Scroll.


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