Ancano in the Hall of Elements, College of WInterhold

Dear Mother,

When the tour is over, Mirabelle Ervine tells J’Zhirr to go to the Hall of Elements. She says that Tolfdir is likely addressing the new apprentices and this one will be learning the first lessons from him.

Tolfdir is addressing three new apprentices in the hall. Interestingly, the Altmer that Mirabelle was talking to earlier, is also present. He is standing to one side, observing what is going on.

Ancano claims he is an advisor to the Arch-Mage and he is deployed here because the Thalmor wish to promote relations with the college. Seeing J’Zhirr, Ancano the Altmer says, “Another new Apprentice, I see. Are you of the sort that believe you’re here to change the world? Or are you only in it for yourself? I assure you that I shall be watching you — all of you — very closely.”