Isran gives a speech

Isran giving a speech

Dear Mother,

Once we have passed Isran’s vampire test, he gives a speech welcoming us.

He says, “So, welcome to Fort Dawnguard. I’m sure you’ve heard a bit of what we’re up against. Powerful vampires, unlike anything we’ve seen before. And they have an Elder Scroll. If anyone is going to stand in their way, it’s going to be us.”

Sorine Jurard isn’t impressed with Isran’s speech. She says, “This is all well and good, but do we actually know anything about what they’re doing? What do we do now?”

Isran seems a bif miffed at Sorine’s reaction, “We’ll get to that. For now, get acquainted with the space.” Then he assigns Sorine to start working on her crossbow design and Gunmar to get some trolls ready.

Isran looks at J’Zhirr, “In the meantime, we’re going to get to the bottom of why a vampire showed up here looking for you. Let’s go have a little chat with it, shall we?”