Eisa Blackthorn

Eisa Blackthorn

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr hears the sound of metal crashing and follows it to find three bandits attacking a woman. This one rushes to help but the woman is so strong that she kills all three bandits before J’Zhirr reaches her.

Turning, she spots J’Zhirr and calls, “Who in Dagon’s name are you? Speak, or I’ll cut you down where you stand.”

J’Zhirr means no harm and asks her what happened. Sighing, Eisa Blackthorn says, “I was part of this gang in the ruins here. Friend of mine went crazy and stole the boss’ sword. They blamed me for it. Look, I’m done here. Mop the floor with these idiots for all I care. Just get out of my way.”

With that, Eisa ran off.


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