Radiant Raiment


Radiant Raiment

Dear Mother,

Endarie and Taarie are two Altmer sisters who own Radiant Raiment, the clothing store in Solitude. Based on what J’Zhirr can see it may be the only shop in the whole of Skyrim which specializes in clothing. Endarie and Taarie are snobbish people who seem to hate everyone, including their customers. Sometimes, they don’t even seem to like each other much either. Just the other day, J’Zhirr overheard Taarie asking Endarie to sew the sleeves a little tighter because as Taarie says, “We can’t have our customers looking sloppy because of your work.”

Endarie replies, “Oh certainly, dear sister. We couldn’t afford to have our customers look like the simple pigs they are, now could we?”

“Good,” Taarie says. “And while you’re at it, perhaps you should sew your mouth shut when our fine customers are within earshot, hrm?”


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