Lower Steepfall Burrow

Lower Steepfall Burrow

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr refuses Lord Harkon’s blood and he cast a spell banishing J’Zhirr from Castle Volkihar. J’Zhirr reappears outside, near where he left the boat. This one has no other choice but to talk the boat back to the mainland.

This one’s only regret is that he does not have the opportunity to say goodbye to Serana. Harkon does not seem to be a particularly loving parent and this one is worried that Serana will suffer at his hands. However, Serana has shown that she is more than capable of taking care of herself so J’Zhirr will just have to trust that she is alright. This one wonders if he will see her again.

It is snowing when J’Zhirr reaches the mainland so he seeks shelter in a nearby cave. Unfortunately a pack of wolves also has the same idea.


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