Greetings and an update

Hello everyone, I hope you had a good time this holiday season! How did you spend your holidays?

For me, things are a bit slower now as the year winds down and 2016 is round the corner. STEP came out with a new version ( in November 2015) which I’ve been wanting to try out. So I made use of the free time to update/install mods for Skyrim, making it a total of 132 mods that I am currently using. One of the new mods I really like is Book Covers Skyrim which adds unique book covers to every readable material in the game. Below is a screenshot of some books with the mod installed. Don’t they look great?

Book Covers Skyrim

I’ve also bought the rest of the DLCs (Dawnguard and Hearthfire), so now I have the Legendary Edition. The main reason is that some of the mods I want to use only offer mods for the Legendary Edition. Since this is something that I foresee will be happening more and more often in the future, I decided to save me the headache and complete the DLCs, especially now that Steam is having a Winter Sale.

I spent about 3 days to read up, download and install the mods. Some of the mods, especially the retexture ones, are pretty big. To speed up downloads, I signed up for a 1 month subscription at Nexus Mods which lets me use their premium servers. It’s GBP 2.99 (about USD 4.45) for a month. This means I can download at speeds of about 2-3 Mbps instead of 300-400 Kbps. It makes a huge difference when you are talking about files which are over 1 GB in size. Obviously your download speed will be different from mine.

Installing new mods is always exciting. After setting everything up nicely, it is with great anticipation that I launched the game. I watched the game load up and stared at the familiar Skyrim logo for a few seconds.

Then the game crashed and I’m back to staring at my desktop. Bummer.

After a brief moment of panic, I’m back to looking at the list of installed mods. I quickly found out that there was a problematic mod which caused the game to crash. That particular mod is missing some masters in other mods which I had neglected to install. To confirm my theory, I deactivated that mod and quickly jumped into the game again to see whether it will work now.

And it does! Skyrim launched successfully and I was able to load an old save (which isn’t recommended by STEP so any problems that I encounter are my fault for not listening to instructions). My joy was short-lived as the game loaded to show me the horror below.

Surreal Skyrim

After some testing, it turned out to be a problem with the ENB, or maybe it was a combination of the mods and ENB, I’m not clever enough to figure it out. Reinstalling the ENB seemed to solve the problem. The modder had updated Phinix Natural ENB and the update also solved the problem I’ve been having with the game being too dark. You can see the comparison below (click on them to view the original screenshot). This is unexpected but very welcomed.

Skyrim PN1 Updated PNENB

Here’s to more gaming in 2016! And as always, may the roads lead you to warm sands.


2 thoughts on “Greetings and an update

  1. Polar – Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you too! I’ve loved watching J’Zhirr’s travels this past year. Every Monday and Thursday when I get the email, I’m always curious to see what he does next. Looks like the mods are cooperating for you finally, so that’s good news. I also wanted to say thanks for doing this – it’s definitely appreciated! I’m looking forward to reading more adventures in 2016. Take care!


    • Thank you for your kind words, Henry! I’m glad to know that you enjoy reading J’Zhirr’s adventures, it encourages me to keep on posting 🙂

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