Stopped at the gate

Stopped at the gate

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr finds two Alik’r warriors arguing with the guard at the city gate. The guard refuses to let them enter Whiterun. He tells them to turn around and go back the way they came. The warriors say that they are causing no trouble and all they want to do is to look for a woman. However the guard refuses to be persuaded and tells the warriors, “I don’t care what you’re doing, after what happened you’re lucky I don’t toss you in jail. Now get lost.”

So the Alik’r warriors asked J’Zhirr to help. They tells him that they are looking for a Redguard woman in Whiterun and will pay good money for the information. They say she is likely not using her real name. J’Zhirr tries to ask more but they refuse to say why they are looking for her. They say, “It’s none of your concern. All you need to know is that we’re paying for information. If that doesn’t interest you, feel free to walk away.”

But J’Zhirr just cannot keep his nose out of other people’s affairs, can he?