Ri’saad’s caravan

Risaad's caravan

Dear Mother,

Ri’saad runs a caravan route from Markarth to Whiterun. He always sets up camp outside Whiterun and J’Zhirr has never seen him inside the city. Some days, J’Zhirr finds him sitting at the entrance of his tent, warming himself in the afternoon sun.

J’Zhirr once asked Ri’saad why he decided to come all the way for Skyrim to sell his goods, and Ri’saad replied, “An astute question, for we are far from home and this is a cold, hard land. The wise trader finds the best opportunities, even if he must travel far to find them. Skyrim is a ripe opportunity indeed. The dragons and the war have scared many other traders away, but for those with courage, there is much profit to be made.”