Mjoll the Lioness

Mjoll and Aerin

Dear Mother,

The tall Nord woman comes up to Balimund’s stall as J’Zhirr was browsing his wares. She is called Mjoll the Lioness.

Mjoll is not a native of Riften and has been adventuring across Tamriel, from High Rock to Valenwood, Elsweyr to Morrowind and all points in between. It is impressive that she had visited more places than J’Zhirr. One day, J’Zhirr hopes that he will be able to visit them as well.

Mjoll says that many years ago, she lost her blade, “Grimserver”, within a Dwemer ruin. Mjoll, herself barely escaped with her life but somehow she managed to make it out of the ruin. A man called Aerin found her dying outside. He brought her back to Riften and nursed her back to health. When Aerin told her about the problems plaguing Riften, she decided that fate had brought her to Riften for a reason. Mjoll also took the loss of her blade as a sign that she was wasting her days in search of wealth.

Mjoll says, “You and I are alike. We seek challenge and great fortune. But for me, that’s where the similarities end. You see, Riften is my great beast to be slain and my fortune comes from gratitude and trust.”

Throughout the whole conversation, Aerin (for J’Zhirr assumed that is the name of the man who keeps following Mjoll around) keeps giving this one dirty looks behind Mjoll’s back.