New task for the new recruit

Mercer Frey and Brynjolf

Dear Mother,

Brynjolf introduces J’Zhirr as the new recruit. Despite Brynjolf’s enthusiasm, Mercer Frey’s face does not lose its sour expression. He warns Brynjolf that this (referring J’Zhirr) had better not be another waste the Guild’s resources before turning to look at J’Zhirr. After giving J’Zhirr a quick once over, Mercer says, “Before we continue, I want to make one thing perfectly clear. If you play by the rules, you walk away rich. You break the rules and you lose your share. No debates, no discussions… you do what we say, when we say.”

J’Zhirr does not like this bossy man very much. J’Zhirr is tempted to walk away but instead he just nods quietly in answer. One day, J’Zhirr will make Mercer view this one in a different light but today is not the day. Mercer seems satisfied and says that it’s time to put J’Zhirr’s expertise to the test.

Brynjolf suddenly looks concerned. He asks, “Wait a moment, you’re not talking about Goldenglow, are you? Even our little Vex couldn’t get in.”

Mercer is unconcerned. He says, “You claim this recruit possesses an aptitude for our line of work. If so, let him prove it.”

Oh, very clever, Mercer. J’Zhirr sees how the man is playing it. If J’Zhirr fails, Mercer will not only be able to get rid of someone he dislikes, but he will also be able to use J’Zhirr’s failure to put Brynjolf in his place. If J’Zhirr succeeds, the Thieves Guild will gain another useful pawn member. Brynjolf shoots J’Zhirr an apologetic look. He probably did not expect things to turn out this way but it is alright, J’Zhirr is a big Khajiit and knows how to take care of himself.

Mercer says that J’Zhirr can get the details for the job from Brynjolf. Just as Mercer is about to walk away, Brynjolf quietly reminds him, “Mercer, aren’t you forgetting something?”

“Hmm? Oh, yes,” Mercer seems to recall. “Since Brynjolf assures me you’ll be nothing but a benefit to us, then you’re in. Welcome to the Thieves Guild.”

And that’s it. J’Zhirr is now an official member.