Haelga’s bedroom

Haelga's bedroom

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr manages to sneak into Haelga’s bedroom. He sees a shrine to Dibella on her dresser, along with a jar of honey and some leather straps. The bed is a simple wooden frame piled with straw and covered with fur. However, Haelga’s bed comes with shackles attached to the headboard. Placed on her bedside table within convenient reach, is a bottle of the fake Falmer Blood Elixir that Brynjolf had tried to sell. J’Zhirr believes that among all the miraculous powers the potion supposedly has, Brynjolf also said that it will enable one to “make love like a sabre cat”. His words, not J’Zhirr’s.

If the walls can talk, J’Zhirr is sure that they can tell many stories which will turn the listener’s ears red.