Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr’s first target is a Nord woman called Haelga. She is an attractive woman and if the town’s gossip mill is true, she had bedded almost all the male population of Riften. She owns Haelga’s Bunkhouse and also owes Brynjolf 100 gold which J’Zhirr has to collect.

J’Zhirr finds her at the bunkhouse but she is not pleased to see this one. She says that this is a place for working folks and does not cater to the needs of someone like J’Zhirr. When this one informs her that he is not there to seek lodging but to pass on a message from Brynjolf, she replies impatiently, “What does he want now? I already explained to him that you can’t get blood from a stone.”

That does not sound like an answer from someone who lives in fear of Brynjolf’s group. J’Zhirr tries again by telling her that Brynjolf and his group has run out of patience.

Haelga says, “And so have I. What’s the point of paying anyway? Your outfit can’t even fend for itself. I could do better tossing the gold into the sewer. You can’t scare me with your tough talk. I’m not paying you people a single coin.”

Definitely not afraid.

Seems like J’Zhirr will have to find other ways to “persuade” Haelga to part with her gold.