Ingun and Hafjorg

Ingun and Hafjorg

Dear Mother,

Elgrim’s wife is a cheery woman called Hafjorg. She helps out at the shop when Elgrim is unavailable, which is quite often as Elgrim is more interested in his alchemy pursuits than serving his customers. She complains about the location of the shop, saying that living with all the dirt and the moisture is like living like a skeever. But on the whole, she does not seem as upset about staying near the water as the impression she gives. She greets customers with a smile and seems genuinely fond Elgrim, calling him affectionately “old bellyacher”.

Another person that J’Zhirr sees often at Elgrim’s Elixirs is Ingun Black-Briar, Elgrim’s apprentice. She is also the daughter of the infamous Maven Black-Briar. Despite her mother’s fearsome reputation, Ingun does not think highly of her family, feeling that they squander their wealth on foolish ventures and political schemes. Ingun thinks she was meant for greater things and wishes to pledge her life and ply her talents in darker circles. Ingun is fascinated by the effects of her potions on the human body and her experiments had used up many of Elgrim’s ingredients. She needs to replenish Elgrim’s supply of deathbells, nightshades and nirnroots.

For some reason, J’Zhirr finds Ingun rather creepy. Her fascination with death and the effects of poisons on people sends a chill up this one’s spine.