BalimundDear Mother,

It is night but there is still a light flurry of snowfall. Balimund, the blacksmith, is still hard at work at his shop, The Scorched Hammer. J’Zhirr supposes the fire from the forge is enough to keep away the cold.

Balimund acknowledges that current events in Skyrim are keeping him busy. While he has no complaints about the business, he seems a little upset that people are saying he is making gold off other people’s misery. He says, “But what else would I do? Smithing is all I know.”

Balimund says proudly that smithing has been in his blood for generations and he owes his success to his forefathers and their recipe for flame. His forge consumes fire salts, a strange mineral that burns as hot as Red Mountain lava. However, Balimund had used the last of his fire salts and if he does not feed his forge more fire salts, it may grow cold.

J’Zhirr promises to keep a look out for the fire salts on this one’s travels.